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2022 LCS Spring Split: Cloud9, Dignitas profiles ahead of Week 7

The 2022 LCS Spring Split is getting more competitive with only two weeks left on the competition’s calendar this year. With Cloud9 leading the standings followed by Team Liquid and 100 Thieves, the three are still fighting throughout the week, although for 100 Thieves, the defending champion had seen better days a win/loss record that could make them drop below third on the standings.

Among multiple teams trying to make it to the playoffs, 100 Thieves is at risk of losing a spot in the playoffs to FlyQuest and Dignitas both having 7-6, slightly behind 100 Thieves’ 8-5. To make things worse, Evil Geniuses is catching up two points behind with 6-7.

Regardless, 100 Thieves might still be able to pull it off against FlyQuest and Dignitas after back-to-back wins against the two, but the question remains whether they will manage or not and the battle for a spot in the playoffs is getting interesting.

Heading into the seventh week, below are two teams of the week during the 2022 LCS Spring Split.


Sitting right on top of the leaderboard, Cloud9 has been going strong as the competition prepares to enter its seventh week in a few days. From the third to sixth week, C9 has recorded eight consecutive wins so far and whether they will add another one against TSM on March 19 remains a question.

However, seeing C9 previous victory and TSM’s position on the standings 2-11, C9 will most likely sweep yet another victory.

Having top laner Summit leading the franchise strong on the offense, Summit has recorded one of his best plays as C9 played Immortals and Team Liquid. Previously known as WooTae and KimChi, the player managed to get the franchise’s most memorable Gnar plays with a combined scoreline of 10/2/4.

C9’s consecutive wins are not far from Summit’s explosive performance, averaging the highest share of the team’s damage to champions by 30.9%, 85% player win rate in 13 games played and 48 total kills with a 3.0 KDA ratio as per Oracle’s Elixir.

One of the best top laners in LCS, Summit is indeed a valuable asset to C9, especially when paired with current team lineups such as Berserker, Fudge, Blaber and Winsome with each managed to have considerably well stats.


Currently fifth on the standings, Dignitas had recorded two consecutive wins in weeks prior. But has been struggling to add another.

Regardless, after stellar performances against TSM and Immortals as well as regular back-to-back wins—Dignitas will likely make it to the playoffs if the team managed to sweep victory against Evil Geniuses having one point behind DIG in the standings and keep up the pace they already have from previous matches.

After a rather inconsistent yet somehow steady performance in previous weeks, Dignitas support Biofrost deserves all the praise the player can get having the highest KDA ratio of 5.4 than the other teammates.

The former TSM player had shown resume-worthy gameplay of both Thresh and Lux alongside 12 kills and a whopping 102 total assists. Dignitas’ lineups consisting of Blue, FakeGod, River and Neo will no longer have to worry about a lack of proper support.