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2023 League of Legends Pre-Season: Riot Games to revamp Gothic skins

Riot Games announced in their most recent vlog that they would improve the Gothic skin line. The update, codenamed Fright Night, will include upgrades and new cosmetics for Draven, Urgot, Trundle, and Renata Glasc.

In the vlog, Riot also discussed the MOBA’s latest roadmap and what the team had in store for players in the coming weeks and months. In addition to preseason changes, which will include the return of the Chemtech Drake and significant changes to the jungle, the developers also discussed upcoming champion releases and the skin line.

Players voted for the skin line that needed a makeover at the start of the year. The Gothic line received nearly twice as many votes as the Infernal and Arclight skin lines. Fright Night will change the Gothic skins’ color tones and how their particles work.

After Riot announced the poll outcomes, it reviewed some potential improvements for the skins.

Each skin will have its own distinct colors—red for Draven, blue for Renata Glasc, orange for Trundle, and purple for Urgot.

“There are so many shades of black for us to try on, from cute and spooky to serious and dark, there are so many shades of black for us to try on,” Riot said.

League of Legends preseason updates

League of Legends Season 12 is about to begin in three months. Riot, as they have done for years, has released a video outlining their goals and plans for League of Legends in 2023.

In addition to upgrades to the Gothic skin line, the League of Legends 2023 preseason will feature jungle changes and vision and communication updates.

Riot lead champion producer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles said that there would be three new champions introduced into the game. One of them is K’Sante, a top lane tank from the Shurima city of Nazumah.

Apart from K’Sante, Riot is developing a male enchanter and a Darkin Champion. Little is known about either champion and their release dates.

According to the vlog update, Jungling will be less complicated overall and only difficult in the “right places.” The goal is not to “dumb down” the role, but to emphasize accessibility and flexibility and make it easier for new players to understand.

For example, Riot will introduce changes that include improved buff sharing and pets, which will assist junglers in clearing camps faster.

In-game hints for effective jungle pathing will also be provided, as will updates to existing jungle items. Riot has yet to provide any additional information on those.

The Chemtech Drake will return in the 2023 preseason after being removed earlier this year. The Drake will no longer resurrect players but will instead grant them damage and damage reduction and empower plants on the rift.

Riot Games will implement a new pinging system to improve communication. They are working on updating the system to include more pings and improve how pings are displayed because the current system is too basic and out of date.

There will be various signals to ping teammates, such as “freeze” and other commonly used notifications while playing. When ganking, this feature will allow junglers to plan more intuitively and efficiently with others.