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Activision announces Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2022, starting March 31

Activision has announced COD Mobile World Championship 2022 set to kick off this month with qualifiers scheduled on March 31 all the way to offline event for the Finals on December.

The official Call of Duty: Mobile also tweeted the news and has released a video trailer for the championship alongside free rewards which players can get when the event goes live as scheduled.

“All eligible players can compete to earn in-game rewards, including new weapons and Operators, plus a share of the prize pool,” COD’s statement reads.

On the COD website, players may find detailed information of the competition from rewards, players eligibility, stages as well as over $2 million prize money which includes $1.7 million for the championship finals. Notably, the prize money in this championship marks as the largest single event payout in the history of CODM World Championship.

CODM World Championship 2022, roadmap, more

The released championship roadmap provides date and time in UTC for players interested to participate in the event. The details on each Stages to Finals are explained below.

The championship begins with Stage 1 which spans four weekends long long from March 31 to April 24. Both Stage 1 and Stage 2 are tailored made for players of all skills and rewards will be given upon registering as well as competing in these two stages. The rewards are frame and calling cards.

In addition, Stage 1 is multiple stages of regional competition where players must be able to complete 10 ranked matches and earn 60 points to be eligible for Stage 2. New additional in-game rewards will be given each week should players are eligible for Stage 2.

Stage 3 is regional qualifiers which spans three weekends long from June 17 to July 3. The first weekend involves Latam & India region (July 17-19), second weekend involves EU & Japan (June 24-26) and lastly the third weekend is reserved for North America region (July 1-3).

Regional Playoffs is in Stage 4 and will be live streamed on either the official game or championship official YouTube channels or even both. Stage 4 spans five weekends long from August 13-28 and is the longest running (weekend amount) event compared to the other.

Stage 4 divided Latam and India as well as EU and Japan. These regions are now more region specific in the Regional Playoffs. Moreover, Stage 4 begins with Latam Regional Playoffs scheduled alongside India Regional Playoffs (August 13-14) and EU Regional Playoffs with the same schedule as Japan’s (August 20-21). The last weekend is for North America Regional Playoffs (August 27-28).

The last event is Stage 5 or the World Championship Finals planned to be an offline event in December this year. There is no information about the specific date at the time of writing and Activision may reveal more about the Finals as the championship progress.

Looking back in the previous year, the Finals was also played online but there are two regions, namely West and East.

More about the prize pool, as mentioned previously this year is the biggest for any COD Mobile event. In 2020, the event had a $1 million prize pool and 2021 had a $2 million prize pool evenly shared on both the West and East region. This year might be following the same Finals format and prize pool as the previous year, but only time will tell.