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Activision: Call of Duty Vanguard, Warzone 2 delayed following Microsoft’s acquisition

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific - Photo Youtube

Activision just announced that Call of Duty: Warzone and the second season of Call of Duty: Vanguard will be delayed for 12 days from February 2 to February 14.

Through a blog post published on the game’s official website, Activision explained the delay is to give the developers more time to fix bugs in the game and make it more stable overall.

“We’ve deployed a number of updates, but more needs to be done,” said the developers on Call of Duty official Twitter handle. They also thanked fans and players for being patient and promise a more optimized and polished experience.

Issues across games

While the time will be spent on fixing the bugs for the upcoming releases, Activision will also work on improving their existing games such as Vanguard, Warzone Pacific, Black Ops Cold War, and Modern Warfare.

Activision has acknowledged the issues its games are having.

For example, a new bug has entered Warzone on PC with the recent 1.5 updates. The bug causes loadout drops to crash or freeze, especially when there are too many players on a team interacting at once.

The console players are also struggling, as the game’s performance has made it unplayable for many, especially since the Pacific update.

Meanwhile, the Caldera map on Vanguard is also experiencing various issues, including players are finding exploitable spots that allow them to peek and shoot through.

Issues can also be caused by as simple as pressing the Xbox home button twice while in-game, which resulted in instability. Some players are also unable to Invert Mouse Look for Keyboard & Mouse on consoles, and so on.

With the update, Activision is looking to fix multiple points, from core gameplay loop adjustment, mechanics, to balance will experience changes across platforms, both consoles, and PC.

For now, fans can stay tuned to Call of Duty’s Trello board to keep updated on which issues are acknowledged and resolved, and which ones are still in progress.

Leadership issues

Activision is currently in a turbulent period, with the CEO Bobby Kotick under fire for women’s mistreatment, a number of Warzone quality testers are still on strike, and the recent acquisition by Microsoft. From the players’ side, many are complaining about hackers who are back in action.

A developer at Activision is calling out the company for the lack of communication with its own employees. Additionally, issues in Vanguard and Warzone are allegedly related to the failures of the company’s leadership.

“Striking employees have received countless similar emails also saying ‘we hear you, and we feel your frustrations’ yet leadership refuses to communicate directly with us,” said Kate Anderson, a Quality Assurance member at Activision on her Twitter account.

Despite promising to “improve itself” repeatedly, Kate’s group, A Better ABK, alongside others, have stated that Activision has not changed much management-wise. Last month, Activision reportedly laid off 30% of Warzone’s QA staff.