Amazon includes ‘Play on Luna’ button to Twitch users

Twitch players will soon see a new “Play on Luna” button emerge as Amazon fulfills a promise made a couple of years ago.

In a recent video, Streamer Vet Cloud Gaming revealed the “Play on Luna” service. After integrating their Twitch and Amazon accounts, players may search for a game on Twitch and hit the button to enjoy any game that is offered on the Luna service.

The official Luna page states, “Watch popular Twitch streams directly from Luna and go from watching Twitch to instantly playing on Luna.”

Play on Luna offers simpler integration

More cross-platform compatibility between these two Amazon-owned channels isn’t surprising, but the feature’s quiet launch is. The subdued rollout is especially intriguing given some of the advantages offered for streamers.

Bryant Chappel of The Nerf Report discusses the tremendous benefits the “Play on Luna” button might give for Twitch, streamers, and their communities in a video describing the new feature. Subscribers can immediately join a streamer’s game by simply hitting a button, according to Chappel.

Amazon’s Luna is a paid subscription service with many options. Subscription prices range from $2.99 for a family plan to an affordable $5.99 Luna+ package to a $17.99 Ubisoft+ plan.

While Ubisoft has its own package with Luna, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, on the other hand, was prominently used to advertise the Stadia at its presentation and release.

Streamers might even receive another stream of cash from this arrangement, according to the YouTuber, if viewers sign up for Luna via paid links. Although it’s not a new idea, as Google announced it years ago, it’s a terrific way to incorporate Luna into the Twitch network and other Amazon services.

Comparison to Google’s Stadia

Google planned to do something similar with Stadia and YouTube before they were both launched. During Stadia’s initial introduction, Google hinted that the service might use its click-to-play feature to start broadcasting a game from a YouTube trailer or even allow users to join a multiplayer game via a waitlist on a streamer’s YouTube channel.

Stadia, akin to Amazon’s Luna, was never fully achieved or effectively incorporated into YouTube as a platform. Meanwhile, Google ultimately added Crowd Play capability, which allows participants to enter multiplayer games from a YouTube video.

When Stadia was launched at the Game Developers Conference in 2019, Google stated aspirations to offer a shared experience throughout platforms. The functionality performed almost equivalent to the “Play on Luna” button but was designed to work along with a larger number of platforms.

The “Play Now” button on Google Stadia was demonstrated as being capable of taking the player from a trailer on YouTube straight into a game through the browser in around five seconds.

“Stadia offers instant access to play,” Google Vice President Phil Harrison stated at the Stadia unveiling. “Our platform vision for Stadia is to reduce the friction between getting excited about a game and playing a game.”

Although the concept provided a bright new future for gaming, Stadia only lasted a year until Google altered its emphasis and closed down both of its own development units. This has opened the door for Amazon to scoop up a few of Google’s decent ideas, such as “Play on Luna.”