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Arcane creators explain Jinx, Vi’s popularity, receives perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes

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After the release of its first act, Riot Games’ animated series Arcane has set records on Netflix. Over 50 countries ranked the show in their most-watched categories after Act Two, and in the Final Act, the show maintained its top spot on the platform.

The show was still the most-watched in 34 countries as of November 21 and ranks among the top 10 across the almost 90 countries in which it is broadcast. Fans and critics alike have praised Riot Games’ first fully animated series. The film has a perfect score of 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a 9.2 rating on IMDB.

Popular main characters

With the popularity of the animated series, Jinx and Vi have become celebrities. Their fame was explained by the creators of Arcane as “contrasting characters attract attention.”

Christian Linke and Alex Yee, creators of Arcane, couldn’t have selected any other League of Legends legends as their stars. While Linke and Yee were unaware of this, they have prepared Jinx and Vi for their roles as leading characters in an animated television series for the past nine years.

“They kind of got our special treatment already because we just really liked them,” said Linke. “And so, when we had to think about like, which characters do we want to stick with for many years to come? I think it was pretty obvious.”

The film tells the contrasting stories of Jinx and Vi, two LoL champions. Jinx and Vi are in fact sisters, despite their differences. A simple demonstration of the differences between the siblings can be seen in the hairstyles of Vi and Jink. Vi has short pink hair, while Jink has long blue hair. Vi, who is an enforcer for the city of Piltover, is strong and strict, while Jinx is a literal anarchist. Due to their contrasting personalities, both sisters are fiercely competitive.

“It’s interesting no matter what scene these two characters from different perspectives are in together or what they’re discussing in what place, ” said the creators when asked why those two characters are so popular.

Jinx and Vi’s shared history raises a mysterious question. What makes them hate each other so much if they’re sisters? Producer Yee said this question is what they use to capture the audience’s attention. Therefore, Jinx and Vi keep their relationship a mystery throughout the story as they focus on the origin story.

Future for Riot

These days, Riot has become a thriving center of creative development across a variety of mediums, including short stories, graphic novels, films, music videos, and a truly amazing Korean pop group.

With Arcane, the studio has moved onto a mainstream service for the first time, and Jinx and Vi lead the story along with Caitlyn, Jayce, Viktor, and other original characters.

With Arcane’s success and rapid rise, it has already been announced that a second season will be produced. Within two hours of the release of the Final Act, Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent announced that production had already begun on the Arcane season. Laurent informed fans that the series would not be released in 2022, though they could look forward to a continuation.