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Asmongold streams Final Fantasy XIV Online following nine-month hiatus

Twitch star Asmongold has returned to the world of Eorzea, streaming Final Fantasy XIV Online for the first time following a nine-month hiatus.

The first time Asmongold streamed the game on his main channel in July last year, he generated more than $30k. The 30-year-old then finished the MMO’s main story soon after, abandoning World of Warcraft.

That being said, he ended up retiring from streaming the game for nine months. Nonetheless, he is now back streaming to play the game’s latest expansion, Stormblood.

Stormblood ‘really high quality’, Asmongold says

The One True King founder last streamed FFXIV on September 11, 2021. His return on September 11, 2021, marked the end of his temporary retirement.

Returning to the game to its most recent expansion, Asmongold said he was amazed by Storrmblood. Before playing the game, he re-watched the trailer for the expansion.

“I forgot how good the cinematics were. Yeah, this is actually really high quality. Holy s**t,” he said.

He garnered 86k views on his return stream, higher than he had ever recorded prior to his hiatus.

Asmongold played using his level 72 Dark Knight, Asmongold Bald, and ran through the expansion’s main story quest for hours.

Earlier on April 9, he said he wanted to return as soon as April 19.

“This is what my general plan with FFXIV is. I’m going to probably do the FFXIV main scenario quests a little bit after they do the next WoW expansion announcement,” he said in April.

Asmongold said he had to step away for a while because he needed to make room for WoW.

“The reason is that I’ll probably want to play WoW for a while because I’ll be excited about that game, and I’ll want to catch up with everything there because a lot of people will be playing,” He explained.

Although his return had to be delayed, Asmongold managed to garner thousands of peak views.

“I want to do the FFXIV main scenario quests a little bit after that, and that’s going to be on April 19,” he continued.

“So, that’s my general vague plan for FFXIV. I don’t want to spend too much time without doing it, but that’s currently what my plan is.”

Responding to Ted Cruz’s offer

Asmongold has been a vocal critic of games such as Lost Ark and Diablo Immortal due to their loot box structures.

Earlier, he said in a stream that he had reached out to several government officials, among whom was Republican senator Ted Cruz, to voice his concerns regarding the issue.

Asmongold was adamant that microtransactions and loot boxes in games could indoctrinate “kids into gambling”. He has since called on fellow streamers and gamers to join his cause to end pay-to-win microtransactions.

Later, on the latest episode of his podcast, Verdict, Cruz invited Asmongold to discuss the issue with him, saying he would be “happy to engage in a conversation” with Asmongold.

“Never in my life did I imagine a US senator would engage in a conversation with me regarding P2W and loot boxes in video games … Very excited!” Asmongold responded to the invitation on Twitter.