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Astralis to sign Asger “farlig” Jensen, bench Philip “Lucky” Ewald

 Asger Jensen - Twitter @farligcs

Danish professional esports organization Astralis best known in the competitive CS:GO scene has signed Asger “farlig” Jensen to the team on Tuesday at the expense of moving Philip “Lucky” Ewald to the inactive roster.

Astralis has announced the decision in a tweet, welcoming the 22-year-old Danish sniper.

“He is dangerous. Han er farlig. Welcome @farligcs to the #AstralisFamily.” Astralis’ tweet reads.

On the other, Astralis director of sports Kasper Hvidt said that Farlig’s qualities are just what the team needs.

“Asger possesses many of the qualities we need on the team: He is an aggressive impact player who’s not afraid to take on the fight and take initiative,” Hvidt said. “He creates space for his teammates, while at the same time contributing to the team dynamics by being the person he is.”

Farlig’s response, stats

Farlig in an announcement expressed his excitement to play for his new team.

“Astralis is a team and an organization that most players can only dream of playing for,” Farlig said.

Farlig is relatively known and a player with quality in the CS:GO competitive scene. Prior to signing with the Astralis, Farlig had spent more than three years of his esports career playing as AWPer for the Copenhagen Flames, GODSENT, and FunPlus Phoenix.

According to HLTV, throughout his career, the Danish sniper is best known for his aggressive playstyle. Farlig’s stats show that he averaged a 1.16 K/D, a lifetime kill ratio of 1.57 and a team win percentage of over 75% of rounds where he managed to get the first kill.

Farlig playing for the Astralis is at the expense of 19-year-old young sniper Lucky who had been struggling to help the team on major tournaments like IEM Katowice and BLAST since he joined the team in August 2021.

Astralis’ decision to bench Lucky, struggling performance

But the decision came out primarily after the team has been eliminated by G2 in IEM Katowice 2022 which led the team to bench Lucky. Astralis had also admitted that the team is unable to get the best out of Lucky.

Lucky made a statement on TwitLonger saying that he never found himself and his flow in-game while playing for Astralis. But, will help the team in ways he can as he is still under contract.

“It has been one hell of a ride with Astralis, it started out a bit chaotic with roster changes and two players leaving, but it has been great times and it has been tough times, but it is a ride I would not have missed even the day today,” Lucky said. “I sadly never found myself or my flow in game, which is SO annoying, cause I know I can do so much more than what I have shown.”

With the arrival of Farlig, Astralis is hoping their new AWPer to add in more life and up the team’s struggling roster following high profiles signing of Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke and Benjamin “blameF” Bremer in November last year.

This far, Astralis is still considered as one of the best performing teams, finishing in the third position at the BLAST Premiere Fall Final. The team also ranked seventh as per HLTV.org, regardless of its mixed performance from one tournament to the other.