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Battlefield 2042’s live-service event Liquidators to launch next week

Electronic Arts has announced that the Liquidators, Battlefield 2042’s first live-service event, will be available from October 11 to 25 and include a new mode, cosmetics, and other features.

The event will include a new multiplayer FPS game mode called Tactical Conquest, in which players will be part of a smaller team of eight or sixteen people, fighting in tighter playspaces in infantry-only, fast-paced close-quarters combat.

The conflict’s narrative begins when the Dark Market detects a new threat to its illegal arms business and dispatches a vicious team of assassins known as “involuntary asset liquidation” to clear the field of upstart competitors.

The players will take on the role of Liquidators, capturing control points and earning ribbons to spend on new fancy cosmetics. Their mission is to clear enemy squads from the battlefield and seize key areas for the Dark Market’s profit.

In Tactical Conquest, infantry teams compete to control three flags. The first team to deplete the other team’s pool of tickets wins. The Liquidators’ specific areas for Tactical Conquest are Arica Harbor, Breakaway, Caspian Border, Discarded, Renewal and Stranded sections.

The Liquidators is a two-week event with rotating player counts, beginning with 8v8 in week one and increasing to 16v16 in week two. Spawn Beacons and potential flank routes, as well as players’ ability to charge enemy-occupied objectives, can be used to the team’s advantage.

“You’ll be pitted against opposing squads in an attempt to capture and hold three flags. Deplete the enemy tickets to win the round,” the game’s developer, DICE, said.

New cosmetic rewards

During the event, players who simply log in to Battlefield 2042 will receive free themed Headgear and Weapon Skin from the store. Ribbons obtained during the event can be used to activate unique rewards such as Player Cards, Weapon Skins, and a Dozer Specialist set.

– 10 Ribbons – Epic “The Shield” Player Card Background

– 30 Ribbons – Epic “Kinetic Caliber” AM40 Weapon Skin

– 60 Ribbons – Epic “Wrecking Crew” Dozer Specialist Set

– 100 Ribbons – Legendary “Trojan Horse” M1A5 Vehicle Skin

The Liquidators event in Battlefield 2042 will also add new items to the store that can only be purchased during the two-week period. While no specifics have been revealed, the promotional image shows new Operator skins, Charms and Weapon Skins.

Battlefield 2042’s best weapons

Battlefield 2042 was supposed to receive a live-service event soon after its release last year, but a disastrous launch forced DICE to postpone the plans in order to fix the game’s various technical and gameplay issues.

The live-service model was designed to replace the traditional story campaign, with in-game events completing the story of the new world beset by weather changes.

Players can explore the finest Battlefield 2042 weapons available to prepare for the Liquidators next week. The new Battlefield 2042 Specialist system lets players select their favorite weapons, as well as the gadget and trait that best suits their play style.

This also enables the use of classes other than the standard Recon, Support, Assault and Medic archetypes in Battlefield. In Battlefield 2042, there are ten specialists to choose from.

In addition, the “Plus System” in Battlefield 2042 allows players to change their weapon attachments while in motion, remove optics and revert to iron sights if the player’s assault rifle has an ACOG scope that isn’t needed on a close-quarters map.

The best weapons in Battlefield 2042 include the G57, MP28, M44, PBX-45, PP-29, MP9, K30, M5A3, AK-24, SFAR-M GL, AC-42, LCMG, PKP-BP, DM7, SVK, VCAR, SWS-10, DXR-1, NTW-50, MCS-880, GVT 45-70 and 12M Auto.

Battlefield 2042, released for the first time on November 19, 2021, features massive-scale maps and matches with up to 128 players. The game is playable on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.