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Berlin to host VALORANT Game Changers 2022 in November

Riot Games has announced that VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Game Changers Championship will be held in Berlin, Germany, running from November 15 to 20, 2022. This will be the first global event for Game Changers, which has so far only been held regionally.

VALORANT Champions Tour announced on Twitter where the championship will take place. “We’re back in Berlin! This time, the #VCTGameChangers fight for a World Championship title,” it wrote.

The tournament has been warmly welcoming all sorts of gamers worldwide. With the Game Changers championship, Riot Games highlights the importance of making esports more accessible to women.

Since its inception in early 2021, Game Changers has served as a major forum for women in VALORANT. By creating a women’s-only competition, the league complements VALORANT Champions Tour’s open format, giving competing teams greater exposure and opportunities.

VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Game Changers Championship format

The women’s-only VALORANT tournament returns in 2022 to bring players from all over the world together on one big stage. A statement from Riot reads that eight teams will compete in a LAN format in a double-elimination bracket in Berlin. This format will allow organizers to decide which teams compete in the final.

Playoffs will be based on a best-of-three map rule. In the finals, however, a best-of-five map rule will determine if the players have what it takes to be crowned the international champions.

“Riot has announced the Game Changers Championship, which will take place in Berlin from November 15-20. Here is how the slot allocation works. #VCT,” DotEsports VALORANT Insider Max Katz’s tweet reads.

Below are the official slots for the tournament this year, as announced by Riot Games:

– North America: 2 slots (top teams from the North American region)

– Brazil: 1 slot (winner team from the Brazilian regional qualifier)

– LATAM: 1 slot (the winner of the Latin Ameria regional qualifier)

– EMEA: 2 slots (the top two teams from the European regional qualifier)

– East Asia: 1 slot (the winning team from the East Asian regional qualifier)

– APAC: 1 slot (the winning team from Asia Pacific regional qualifier)

According to the statement, the slot distribution is based on the competitiveness of the regions as well as the player population in each region.

Six regions from around the world will send representatives to the upcoming championship, where only the top eight teams will compete. The winners of this tournament will be crowned VALORANT Game Changers World Champion, one of the most prestigious titles in gaming.

Dominant contenders

Out of all the teams participating in Game Changers, Cloud9 White has proven to be the most dominant. Throughout three NA tournaments, C9 continued to claim first place.

EMEA is the most open of the major regions. TENSTAR Nova initially dominated the competition. However, they were outperformed by Guild X and G2 Gozen, which currently take the top spots. In Brazil, Havan Liberty Female and Gamelanders Purple have been constantly competing for first place.

There will be much anticipation at Game Changers Championship between C9 and G2, which are both considered to be the best women’s teams in VALORANT.

More details about Game Changers Championship in Berlin, including the qualification process, will be announced soon. More information will be released in the near future on the VALORANT esports website.