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BetOnBit is one of the bookmakers capitalizing on one of the fastest-growing niche in online gambling.

The most important Points:
66 / 100 Points
  • Dedicated to esports betting
  • Available in demo version
  • Licensed in Costa Rica
  • Accepts Cryptos

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Just as the name suggests, this sports book is specialized in esports and allows punters to bet crypto currency on their favorite video games. The website is dedicated to more than a dozen video games and those who sign up for an account here can bet on the games before and after the start. They include all the classic games such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Overwatch, but also Magic: The Gathering.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
BetOnBit Review

Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Original character creation system
  • Bets available in demo version
  • Mainstream and niche videogame supported.
  • Cryptocurrency and traditional payment methods
  • New bookmaker licensed in Costa Rica
  • No live betting and streaming

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1. Live Esports Betting:

1/10 Points

Don't get your hopes high for live betting

Live betting is an essential ingredient in any recipe of success for mobile bookmakers and this applies to both traditional sports and esports. BetOnBit has an impressive portfolio of games covered and a decent array of markets, but the absence of a live streaming service is disappointing. League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Overwatch and other popular video games are much more entertaining when punters can bet in real-time. Not even the most important events are covered, so the only way of watching the matches is on external streams provided by YouTube or Twitch. To make matters worse, it is not even possible to bet live on sports or video games alike, which is a big problem for an ambitious bookmaker.

2. Esports Welcome Offer:

3/10 Points

Few bonuses and no welcome offer

BetOnBit bonuses are few and this means that new players will have to rely on their own skill and luck to consolidate their bankrolls. What is particularly troublesome is the absence of a welcome bonus, something that the online gambling industry regards as the standard approach these days. Those who are hoping to boost their bankroll through bonuses will be disappointed, since the first deposit isn’t matched.

Bookmaker relies instead on the bigger than average odds offered to give players as the instruments needed to stay afloat and even thrive in the long run. In the absence of matched deposit bonuses, punters can only hope for the occasional free bets, which feel more restrictive and can only produce limited winnings. BetOnBit bonuses are bitterly missed and their absence is difficult to accept, especially in the context of new bookmakers going out of their way to entice new players with such generous offers.

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3. Payment Methods:

8/10 Points

E-Wallets, Bitcoin and Ethereum accepted

BetOnBit payment methods are not necessarily numerous, but luckily they include some of the fastest and most reliable financial instruments. Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin and Ethereum are all accepted and this means that players can expect instant deposits and fast cash outs. Electronic wallets are preferred by mainstream bookmakers, as well as niche operators who focus almost exclusively on eSports. These two mentioned above are fast, effective and they can be used to deposit and cash out winnings.

Players who reside in countries where betting is either prohibited or restricted, will find the presence of crypto currency particularly useful. Bitcoin and Ethereum can be used to deposit money instantly and withdrawals also take less time, without being subject to hidden fees. Crypto currency betting also has the advantage of enhanced privacy and players don’t have to disclose their country of origin.

4. Esport Odds:

8/10 Points

Odds above the industry average

As stated above, BetOnBit represents the best place to be if you are hoping for the best bonuses, as the bookmaker keeps its players happy in another manner. More precisely, it will offer odds that are slightly above the industry average to help them stay afloat. Without being the best odds offered and definitely trailing behind some of the leading betting exchanges, these are still around a 90% RTP.

To put things into perspective, when players wager on an event that has only two possible outcomes, the equilibrium odds stand at 9/10. These obviously fluctuate in both directions, but since the overall value is closer to even odds than with most bookmakers, players profit in the long run. At other sports books, players can also reduce the house edge by tapping into the generous offers and bonuses available.

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5. Betting Markets:

5/10 Points

Focuses on the main betting markets

BetOnBit betting markets can feel a bit restrictive, especially when betting on some of the most popular video games such as League of Legends, CS:GO or Dota 2. Keep in mind that these are some of the most played and most watched esports and punters are entitled to expect more than a dozen betting markets. Depending on when the games start, players will get anywhere between two and 10 betting opportunities, which isn’t exactly a lot.

What usually punters have to choose from is a standard bet on the outright winner, the margin of victory and the winner of individual matches. There are lots of betting margins missing, such as the ones on special events and objectives completed in game. For multiplayer online battle arena fans, these are particularly important and it is likely that many punters will be at least slightly disappointing. First-person shooter and real-time strategy game fans will have a better gaming experience.

6. Security & Legal:

8/10 Points

Licensed in Costa Rica

BetOnBit are a new bookmaker and as it is always the case with fledgling gambling operators, they have a lot of work ahead of them. Building a reputation from scratch isn’t exactly an easy mission, especially when the sports book is licensed in Costa Rica. This is regarded as one of the less powerful gambling jurisdictions, so even though the bookie has the backing of the government of Costa Rica, it still has to prove its worth. The good news is that there are no red flags so far and those who chose to bet here are happy with the service provided and the gambling operator takes any complaints seriously.

7. Betting Limits:

7/10 Points

BetOnBit focuses on casual punters

BetOnBit betting limits aren’t exactly the highest out there, but this bookmaker focuses on casual and recreational punters. Even though they don’t run the traditional promotions and don’t offer the bonuses much appreciated by these two categories of players, they do have a leaderboard system. The character creation feature is also clearly aimed at punters who enjoy betting on video games, but are also avid players. A lot of information is provided on the website about the payment methods, the currencies accepted and the commission charged, but not the betting limits. These can be lifted for highrollers, but in order for this to be achieved, one would have to get in touch with customer support and request it.

8. Interface & Design:

8/10 Points

Beautiful and modern website

The BetOnBit website is quite impressive and this is generally a good thing, if you like to be swept off your feet. Some new players might be overwhelmed by all these fancy graphics and a lot of information is thrown at them right from the start. The bookmaker wants to get players fully immersed into the gaming atmosphere immediately and makes them feel like being a part of a videogame. Those who enjoy playing role-playing titles will be surely impressed by the manner in which this game genre celebrated. As for the esports, they are neatly grouped in the left side of the screen, just above the traditional sports available.

9. Customer Service:

9/10 Points

Live chat, phone and FAQ section

BetOnBit customer support can be reached via all three popular channels of communication. The easiest way to get in touch with a specialist is by simply launching the live chat feature and asking your questions directly. There is always somebody ready to pick up those questions and provide immediate answers. English, which explains why people prefer live chat. The alternative is provided by the email support, which is activated by using the online form and writing an email straight on the website.

10. Special Features:

9/10 Points

Unique character creation

BetOnBit is all about special features, even though it pays less attention to some of the common, but otherwise very popular ones. For instance, this sports book has a unique character creation system, which makes players feel like entering the virtual universe of a popular role-playing videogame. In the long run, this makes the betting experience more exciting and players feel the thrills of leveling up as they play along. The mix of immediate gratification provided by winning wagers and the long-term benefits of being a part of a unique scheme has its appeal for those who appreciate the RPG genre. BetOnBit also has a leaderboard that players can climb by betting real currency to unlock progressively better rewards.


A mixed-bag that is worth a shot

66/100 Points

BetOnBit is what many online punters would describe as a hit or miss, depending on their expectations and their willingness to try something different. Those who were expecting a traditional bookmaker, ready to meet them halfway with generous promotions and a juicy welcome bonus will be terribly disappointed. There will also be disgruntled punters among those who were counting on them to provide a huge number of betting markets, especially on the most popular videogames.

These are the areas where BetOnBit struggle, but the sports book has its bright spots and some truly unique features. The character creation system is guaranteed to keep players busy for quite a while, while the leaderboard provides them with the impetus to persevere. Visually appealing and covering all popular video games, but also some of the niche ones that are not featured at other bookmakers, their website is a treat to the eye. Only time will tell if BetOnBit will reach its full potential or sink into near irrelevance.

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