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BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2022 to be held at Copenhagen’s Royal Arena

With the IEM Rio Major ending, the CS:GO community now focuses on BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2022, which has a prize pool of $425,000. The tournament will last five days and be held at Royal Arena in Copenhagen.

The competition will have eight teams fighting for the title. They will be divided into two double-elimination groups. The winners will advance to the semi-finals, while the teams who finished second and third will go to the quarter-finals.

The playoffs will have a single-elimination and best-of-three format. Live audiences can watch the matches at the Royal Arena. Those interested in attending in person can purchase the tickets on the BLAST Premiere website. CS:GO fans who cannot go to Copenhagen can watch the BLAST Premier Fall Final on Twitch and YouTube.

The tournament winners will receive a prize of $200,000, 4,000 BLAST Premier points and a chance to fight at the BLAST Premier World Final, which will take place in Abu Dhabi the following month.

The second-placed team will earn $85,000 and 2,000 points, while the third and fourth-placed teams will each collect $40,000. $20,000 and 500 points will be granted to teams in fifth and sixth position. Lastly, the teams ranked seventh and eighth will only get $10,000 and 250 points each.

The tournament will start on November 23, with FaZe facing OG. The next match will be between Heroic and NIP, followed by NAVI vs. Fluxo. The last match of the day will be a face-off between G2 and Liquid.

CS:GO latest update changes meta

Valve dropped a CS:GO update earlier this week, which changed the game’s meta significantly. The powerful AWP sniper rifle has been nerfed and now only carries five bullets per magazine.

The popular M4A1-S has also been downgraded and provides less damage at a distance. The weapon’s range modifier was dropped from 0.99 to 0.94.

CS:GO players do not have any complaints regarding the nerfs. Some even rejoiced because they were tired of being killed using the AWP sniper rifle. The weapon can still one-shot targets if they are hit above the waist. However, the reduced magazine will stop players from gaining a long chain of kills using it.

The developer also has replaced the iconic map Dust 2 with Anubis in the Active Duty Pool to keep the map pool from becoming stale. Although Dust 2 is considered one of the most well-known maps in the FPS genre, it has become stagnant for professional players.

Dust 2’s removal will only affect professional players in tournaments. Regular players can still play on Dust 2 map and Anubis in the casual, deathmatch and competitive modes.

The Blast Premier Fall Final to use pre-update CS:GO

According to Blast’s Chief Innovation Officer Nicolas Estrup, the Blast Premier Fall Final will not use the latest patch. The teams will not have enough time to practice the new map if the tournament runs the latest patch.

Nevertheless, the Blast World Final 2022 will probably run the latest patch since the tournament is scheduled for December, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the changes.