Blast Spring Finals Betting

Blast Premier: Spring Finals has already begun, and we’ve seen some incredible CSGO plays in the opening matches of the Quarterfinals. This tournament started on June 15th and will conclude on June 20th, which means there’s still several days of action-packed matches ahead of us.

Eight teams in total compete for a massive $425.000 prize, as well as Blast Premier points. The winner of this event will also qualify for the Blast Premier: World Final 2021, so we can expect fierce competition.


We’ll quickly cover the basic tournament information, check out the teams, and go over the prize pool distribution. Lastly, we’ll analyze the current standings in the tournament and give our own predictions for the winner of this event.

Blast Spring Finals – Tournament Information

Blast Spring Finals uses the Playoff system, where teams face off in a double-elimination format and all matches are best-of-three.

The tournament kicked off with four Upper Bracket Quarterfinal matches, and is now moving into the Upper Bracket Semifinals. At the same time, four teams that lost their opening matches are struggling in the Lower Bracket, and the team that makes it all the way to the Lower Bracket finals and ends up victorious, will proceed into the Grand Finals where they’ll have a shot at the 1st spot.

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Blast Spring Finals – Prize Pool

This is the third part of a series of Blast Premier Spring events. As such, it boasts a much higher prize pool than Blast Premier: Spring Groups and Blast Premier: Spring Showdown did.

The $425.000 will be distributed in the following way:

  • 1st – $225.000
  • 2nd – $85.000
  • 3rd – $40.000
  • 4th – $25.000
  • 5th-6th – $15.000
  • 7th-8th – $10.000

The Current Standings

The first wave of matches has finished, and now that the dust has settled we can see how things stand.


Gambit Esports have faced off against Evil Geniuses and won. Evil Geniuses came prepared and resisted Gambit’s onslaught in the first map, taking the match into a long overtime. However, Gambit emerged victorious and quickly wrapped up the second map with a 16:11 score.

Gambit Esports moved up into the Semifinals, while Evil Geniuses dropped down into the Lower Bracket.

Ninjas in Pyjamas fought Complexity, and much to everyone’s surprise, Complexity dominated the match and took a clean 2-0 sweep, sending Ninjas in Pyjamas into the Lower Bracket. This was a close matchup, but many saw Ninjas as the favorites.

The next match was quite a surprise. G2 Esports fought against BIG, and G2 were the clear favorites here. However, BIG caused an upset and took a 2-1 win, securing themselves a spot in the Upper Bracket Semifinals.


The last match of the Quarterfinals was between Natus Vincere and FaZe Clan. Natus Vincere did win with a 2-1 result, but the match was much closer than anyone expected. FaZe was playing incredibly well. They won map 1, taking Natus Vincere off guard, and the two maps that followed were also quite close. One mistake from Natus Vincere and the outcome would probably have been much different.

The opening matches were an amazing show, and fans of CSGO betting were surely not disappointed. For those who wish to bet on the matches that are to follow, be sure to check out 1xBet betting for some some of the most competitive betting odds.

Blast Spring Finals Predictions

Now that we have a better picture of the current situation in Blast Premier: Spring Finals, we can make some predictions for the remainder of the event.

Gambit Esports

First of all, when talking about the best Blast Spring Finals odds, we recommend keeping an eye on Gambit Esports. The Russian squad is on fire right now and they are our number one pick for this event.


They have had an incredible year so far, winning Intel Extreme Masters XV – World Championship, Pinnacle Cup, and finishing 1st in the recent Intel Extreme Masters XVI – Summer. They are in great shape and will most likely use the momentum they have to wrap up this event and secure a spot on the Blast Premier: World Final 2021.

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Natus Vincere

When it comes to Blast Spring Finals betting, Natus Vincere is our second pick and we expect them to fight with Gambit Esports in the Grand Finals and finish second.

Natus Vincere is a team with a long and rich history in CSGO, and they’ve always been one of the top teams in CSGO. They have won DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 back in May, and they ended up facing Gambit Esports in the Grand Finals and winning 3-0.

They are facing BIG in the Upper Bracket Semifinals and we expect them to win this match and move into the Upper Bracket Finals where they’ll most likely face Gambit Esports. Even if they lose to Gambit here, we expect them to win the follow-up match in the Lower Bracket Finals and still move into the last match for a rematch with Gambit.

Those are our Blast Spring Finals predictions, and if you wish to bet on these teams, make sure to check out Betway esports for some great Blast Spring Finals odds.