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Blizzard resolves Overwatch 2 ‘auto-purchase’ bug but refuses to refund players

Blizzard has fixed Overwatch 2’s “auto-purchase” bug, which forces players to purchase skins from the in-game shop without their permission. However, the developer is still refusing to issue refunds to those affected at the time of writing.

U/Dracyoshi, who experienced the bug firsthand, wrote on the Overwatch subreddit that they were “chatting with some friends while browsing the hero gallery” when the game “unexpectedly began unlocking Junnker Queen’s Plutonium skin.”

The player said they couldn’t cancel the purchase before it was completed because they were typing a message in chat at the time. There were indications that the bug caused the game to misinterpret text typed into the chat as input for navigating the menu on occasion.

As said above, Blizzard has since fixed the problem. However, it also said, “All those unlocks are meant to be final.” It continued, “If you believe there was a problem with the game that caused this to happen, please be sure to provide feedback via our forums.”

“The Plutonium skin is only worth 300 legacy credits (in-game currency that can only be obtained by original Overwatch players), so ultimately it’s not a big deal, but I’m rather disappointed that they won’t issue refunds for it,” u/Dracyoshi said in response to Blizzard’s stance, though he also added that he was “not surprised.”

Following its rocky post-launch, Blizzard has updated fans on its progress in tackling some of the various issues plaguing Overwatch 2. Many fans previously could not play for a lengthy period of time as they were stuck in queues.

Once they got through the queues, players were denied access to previously unlocked characters and items or were completely locked out of the game due to the requirement to log in using their mobile phones. A series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on the game’s servers exacerbated the situation.

Overwatch 2’s disappointing visual design, features

In addition to server downtime and numerous bugs, Overwatch 2’s visual design and user interface have also disappointed fans. Medals and player cards are no longer awarded at the end of matches, nor is the “on fire” mechanic, which illuminated players’ portraits when they were on a hot streak, nor are levels and player borders used to demonstrate players’ game experience.

Overwatch 2’s Reddit and Twitter are inundated with posts bemoaning missing features — referring to the game’s UI as a “stripped version of OW1” — or expressing various concerns about the game’s new UI design. One of the most common complaints is that the end-of-round screen feels “low effort,” with plain blue and red colors that don’t match the default palette and don’t adjust with the players’ team color settings like in the first game.

Many players are also unhappy with the game’s character redesigns, particularly the new character portraits, as well as the user interface. One critic said while the new art format arranges all of the characters in a similar manner, it lacks personality in its design. Junkrat, in particular, stands out. His charred face and missing hair have been replaced by a stylish steampunk runway model with perfectly primped hair. Ana’s parrot is also noticeably absent.

Some of the new legendary skins have also sparked debate, with many of the flashiest and most costly skins for the new Overwatch 2 heroes appearing less interesting than their defaults. One of the most highlighted is the legendary Junker Queen skins, Wastelander and Circuit Breaker, which both only provide the Aussie tank with a plain black outfit and hair coloring, as opposed to her default style, which includes spikes on her gauntlet, a playful graphic design on a torn crop top, and a full-length faded blue mohawk.

Despite the problems, several upvoted posts and numerous comments indicate that people are still enjoying Overwatch 2. One thread says the game “is immensely fun, and the majority of its problems are fixable.”