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Blizzard announces massive StarCraft II balance revamp 2018

StarCraft II remains one of the most balanced strategy games, but as with any other esport, there’s always room for improvement. Blizzard has announced that major changes are about to take place, to improve the multiplayer function and to keep the game fair and balanced. Some of the changes will address known problems, whilst others are the simple tinkering with the idea of making the game even more dynamic.

The new patch is supposed to discourage turtle play and make late game more exciting regardless of the race of choice.


Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard makes major changes to massive units

More than half of all units will undergo some degree of change, but the biggest modifications will happen to the massive units of each race, in order to to make them more useful, so that players will be more inclined to rely on them in the late stages of the game.

Players are invited to jump on the Testing Matchmaking queue and give their feedback about these changes and their effects.

The Terran Battlecruiser will remain vulnerable to airborne threats, but this massive ship will be more effective in dealing with ground targets. That’s because the ATA Laser Battery damage will be reduced from 6 to 5, but it will be able to move while shooting.

The formidable Yamato Cannon will also cause less damage, only 240 as opposed to 300. Yet, still more than enough to wipe out most enemy units in one blast.

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The Zerg Ultralisk is currently the largest and most expensive unit for this race, and Blizzard will give players another reason to spend their resources on it. They will be able to research Anabolic Synthesis, a new upgrade that costs 150 minerals and gas, while taking 79 seconds.

In exchange, Zerg players will get an Ultralisk that is 10% faster when moving off-creep, therefore better at engaging retreating targets.

Protoss players have always had two large units on the battlefield and both the Carrier and the Mothership will be affected by the latest changes. The latter has the Time Warp ability revamped, as enemy units and structures will have their attack speed reduced by 50%. Carriers will no longer have the Graviton Catapult upgrade, but their hit points and shields will increase to 250/150 and 300/150 respectively.

It will take 22 seconds less to build the carrier, but the interceptor build time was expanded by five seconds, whilst its damage was decreased.

Blizzard pays attention to the players’ feedback

In addition to the aforementioned changes, more than a dozen units belonging to all races have suffered modifications. In order to encourage players to test these changes, Blizzard decided to introduce a new countdown timer, as requested by savvy players on forums. This new feature should help players enjoy a smooth transition from loading screen to the actual match. It is refreshing to see that the company pays attention to the players’ request, especially when they backup these demands with solid arguments.

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