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Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players lambast disappearing weapon bug

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players are complaining about a new bug that causes dropped weapons and equipment to disappear. They said it “ruined” games and pushed for an immediate fix from the developers.

There have been numerous issues with Warzone 2 since its release, but this one is especially frustrating. Due to the bug, all of the player’s hard-earned loot and any weapons obtained from a Buy Station or Loadout Drop disappear.

One Reddit user, u/_Heckz_, reported both of these issues on January 7 in a post on the r/CODWarzone subreddit. His quad was nearing the end of a high-kill game when a glitch happened, spoiling the climax of one of their greatest matches on Warzone 2.

After they dropped it, their weapon disappeared, and they couldn’t open the ammunition box. This issue eventually led to elimination.

According to u/Bmac-Attack, the bug is triggered by the placement of the ammo box. They explained that dropping a weapon on a slanted surface, such as that pipe, causes it to disappear. They suggested placing it on level ground until the bugs are fixed.

“This happens when you drop it on a slanted object like that pipe,” they commented. “If this is the case, you should make sure you’re on a flat surface before replenishing your ammo supply before the final battles.”

Another user said the problem occurs more commonly before the final rounds. “This game does suck!” u/jd_309 said. “That has happened to me a bunch of times. It seems to happen a lot more in intense situations or the closer you get to the final 2 circles.”

Since it’s unclear what causes the bug, it’s hard to figure out how to fix them. At the time of writing, neither Infinity Ward nor Raven Software had made any public statements about the issue.

Newly found bug isn’t the only one

The disappearing weapon bug is not the only one discovered recently. A user on the same subreddit reported a bizarre bug that allowed players to operate vehicles underwater without drowning.

In a short video uploaded by u/The-Weasel, the player drives along the coast in the online shooter when they direct their truck into the water and drive away.

They continue driving the vehicle underwater, bouncing over the sea bottom as they probe the dark depths of Al Mazrah, rather than experiencing damage as expected.

Mixed emotions were expressed in response to the strange glitch video, from amusement at the watery escapade to frustration at the popular game.

One commentator jokingly said that the first several months of any Call of Duty release are the “beta testing for the developers” phases.

One Reddit user insisted that users take advantage of the bugs because the developers wouldn’t bother fixing them. “Knowing the devs, this won’t be fixed. Let’s exploit it!” u/HalflingElf said.

Other Redditors said similar bugs could be exploited in other places on the map, like the canal that goes through Al Mazrah.

Several responses noted that the video also shows Warzone 2’s proximity chat bug, as multiple overlapping player names are visible on the screen’s left side.

In addition to those bugs, the subreddit also has a popular thread discussing one of the game’s most unusual bugs — the inability to load specific map structures.

Recently, u/Haggles7 shared a brief video showing these bugs in action, in which the map asset refused to load and behaved as an unseen barrier.

Large online multiplayer games with maps usually have special features that skip loading parts of the map that the user doesn’t need. And when the player gets close at some point, these assets will load.

However, if a nearby map asset doesn’t load, that could be a bug. And the failure to load these map components can be unique for each player and have a devastating effect as the battleground closes in.