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Call Of Duty: Warzone Pacific Caldera Map ‘boring’, says Dr Disrespect

Top Call of Duty streamer and influencer Dr Disrespect has criticized the Warzone’s new Pacific update, claiming that the Caldera map was dull and he also expressed his intention to uninstall the Call of Duty battle royale.

Just 24 hours prior to firing the criticism, the Doc appeared to be certain that the new map would be the game’s savior, a game-changer.

The former Twitch streamer, who now streams exclusively on YouTube Gaming, complained about having to play the same Verdansk map for nearly two years.

“The concept for Warzone, the way it’s designed, its flow, pacing, they’re all good,” the self-proclaimed Doctor said. “The core game design is addicting. The problem isn’t that…it’s that we’ve been playing the same map for two years now, and that’s made it horrible.”

Call of Duty’s Warzone game mode was launched in 2020 and until recently had only Verdansk as its only large map and the game’s primary location. Rebirth Island, a smaller map, was released later.

Verdansk later received several updates, including one that made the map resemble Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War 1980s’ map but changes were minimal. Naturally, Dr Disrspect expected the Caldera update to give the game a fresh breath of air.

“The design of the game, the feel of the game on this new map, I’m actually having fun!” the Doc exclaimed. “The map is beautiful, and I can see things again. Can I hear things? F**k no, but I can see things.”

Warzone‘s newest update launched on December 8, giving Call of Duty: Vanguard players a new map, Caldera. The map also gave players the option to ride planes and a lot of new weapons.

The update also gave Warzone Ricochet, its long-awaited kernel-level anti-cheat system, first activated in the Asia-Pacific region and was set to expand worldwide.

The criticism

The excited Dr Disrespect was immediately turned down by the new map, having played it for only hours, saying: “I just want to uninstall the game.”

“That’s where I’m at. It really feels like something is broken here,” the Doc continued. “I had hopes… I don’t know, it’s boring.”

Dr Disrespect claimed that nothing about the Pacific update managed to excite him, saying that he fell asleep playing the game.

“I’m already bored with this game,” he said admitted. “I just don’t know what else to say champs. It’s bad. I don’t know. It just doesn’t, “ah!” and get me excited. If there are people getting giggly over this… god man, if they are, our expectations are just so low. I’m actually falling asleep playing this game.

“Warzone is supposed to be this over the top blockbuster arcade video game that you can pop into, start playing and have fun with because it’s super high rep, boom boom boom… and I ain’t getting that feeling.”

The Doctor even went as far as to claim that he rather play the game’s competitor, Battlefield 2042, saying that he did not care if he lost a significant number of his audience.

“I’m getting really close to uninstalling this game and switching over to Battlefield 2042 where I know I’ll lose 98% of my audience,” he said. “That’s how close I am to done.”