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Chapter 4 Season 1 brings Doom Guy, Geralt to Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 is live. It comes with new Points of Interest (PoI), weapons items, a brand new Battle Pass, skins and cosmetics.

Chapter 4 Season 1 features new crossover characters, including DOOM’s Doom Guy and The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia, to collect along with several original skins.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 adheres to the same framework as previous seasons but features a redesigned UI to make browsing feel more refined.

Selene is readily accessible from the beginning of the Battle Pass, with the remainder of the skins becoming available as players level up to garner Battle Stars and progress through each page of cosmetics.

Serving as this season’s Secret Skin is Geralt of Rivia. This means players must wait until later to obtain it, and there will likely be a set of quests associated with him.

Each skin has multiple styles to choose from, as well as a variety of matching cosmetics, including gliders, pickaxes, back bling and loading screens.

The Battle Pass costs players 950 V-Bucks and players receive 1,500 V-Bucks for completing the full Pass. Players can purchase additional V-Bucks from the in-game shop or use V-Bucks saved from previous seasons. Alternatively, if a player is already a member of Fortnite Crew, they have free access to the new Battle Pass.

The new Battle Pass is valid from December 4, 2022, until March 10, 2023, meaning players have more than three months to complete it and obtain the skins and cosmetics they want.

Details of all Battle Pass Skins and Rewards

The Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass has 14 pages, with each page containing tiers, except the first, with nine great rewards players can activate. All pages also have 100 V-Bucks each.

On page one, there is a loading screen called Reality Zero. This page also contains the Unnamed Banner Icon, Lunarian Luxury Wrap and the Lunar Party Emote. Not only that, but page one also has a Lunar Glow Harvesting Tool, the Brain Bolt Emoticon and an Outfit called Selene.

The Selene Loading Screen, Lunar Rings Contrail, Moonglide Glider, Lunarios Back Bling, Moonglow, Alight Spray and Moonglow Selene Outfit Style can be found on page two.

Page three contains the Massai Loading Screen, Aerial Spray, Massai Fire Wrap, Cooked Grind Music, Board Breaker Pickaxe and Massai Outfit.

Page four has the Air Walker Massai Loading Screen, Grind Bag Back Bling, Take It Easy Emoticon, Flip Flyer Glider, Balance Board Emot and Air Walker Massai Outfit.

The Doom Slayer Loading Screen, Slayer’s Helm Spray, Mark of the Slayer Back Bling, Praetor Shroud Wrap, Cacodemon Glider and Doom Slayer Outfit are all on page five.

Page six has the Day Zero Loading Screen, Crucible Blade Pickaxe, Cackle-Demon Emoticon, Mini Slayer Fistbump Emote and Astro Armor Doom Slayer Outfit.

The Dusty Loading Screen, Swing Away Spray, Double Header Back Bling, Designated Hitters Pickaxe, Infield Fly Glider and Dusty Outfit are available on page seven.

On page eight, players will find the Boneyard Dusty Loading Screen, Double Header Back Bling Style, Infield Fly Glider Style, Spring Chaining Contrail, Boneyard Dusty Outfit and a Banner Icon.

Players will discover the Nezumi Loading Screen, Mind’s Eye Back Bling, The Awakening Spray, Whispering Wind Glider, Fanged Foresight Pickaxe and Nezumi Outfit on page nine.

Page ten comprises the Exile Nezumi Loading Screen, Airbound Eyes Contrail, Hypnot-eyes Emote, Exile’s Emblem Wrap, Exile Nezumi Outfit Style and a Banner Icon.

The Helsie Loading Screen, Boba Bling Back Bling, Ooh Yum! Spray, Hunter Purple Wrap, Big Bite Pickaxe and Helsie Outfit are all available on Page 11.

On page 12, players can find the Bobarista Helsie Loading Screen, Boba Snack Emote, Bobbi the Boba Emoticon, Boba Bling Outfit Style, Terminal Veloci-Tea and Bobarista Helsie Outfit Style.

The Ageless Loading Screen, Oathbound Empire Music, Protector of the Pledge Back Bling, Heart Chambers Emoticon, The Oathbound Crest Wrap and The Ageless Outfit are available on Page 13.

On page 14, the final page, players can discover The Ageless Champion Loading Screen, Commander’s Descent Glider, Mark of the Champion Spray, Banner Icon, The Eternal Pledge Pickaxe and Call to Arms Built-in Emote.