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Cloud9: Max Waldo to replace Nick ‘LS’ De Cesare as head coach

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Cloud9 announced on Twitter that Nick “LS” De Cesare was relieved from his duty as head coach of the organization’s LCS team on February 19, 2022, minutes before Cloud9 takes on Counter Logic Gaming.

“LS has been released from Cloud9 and Max Waldo has been promoted to the LCS Head Coach position. We would like to thank LS for his contributions to the team and wish him the best.” Cloud9 tweet reads.

Replacing LS as head coach for the organization’s LCS team is former assistant coach Max Waldo.

LS’ respond, time spent with Cloud9

Responding to his replacement, LS has tweeted of his release in which he was informed hours before the match starts.

“I was informed four hours ago of my release. So for now I’ll figure out whats next shortly,” the 28-year-old tweeted.

For fans, this decision came out as a surprise as the team under LS looked like a major contender and a much better team in the League competitive scene. Following LS’ release, Cloud9’s LCS team had a worth-noting record of 3-1.

Moreover, LS had a large influence surrounding draft picks prior to his release.

LS signing to Cloud9 was an effort to rebuild the organization’s LCS team due to many key players leaving the team, from Luka “Perkz” Perkovic and more. Cloud9 is eager to have the LCS team rebranded and at that time LS was seen as the right option back in December 2021.

The team signed LS as head coach for the 2022 League of Legends season. His arrival garnered support and was praised by the community after his contributions to the team’s playstyle. Shortly after, the team was rebranded, and the new look brought excitement for many.

Speculations surrounding LS’ dismissal

However, LS departure is a sudden one. With less explanation from the organization has led many with speculations. While LS has spoken about his sudden dismissal, the former head coach for the Cloud9 team is also known by the community as he has been appointed to coach the roster of T1’s LCK, a Korean-based League team.

In addition, LS is very outspoken about the team’s strategic decisions surrounding its starting roster for the 2022 season.

He had proven his worth in leading the team by successfully taking his strategy to work within the first weeks in the LCS. His, unorthodox approaches such as the Soraka and Ivern mid on the LCS stage, and his drafting style had left a great impression for other contending teams.

While the specific reason behind LS dismissal is yet to be revealed by the team or the former head coach. LS also added about many people reaching out to him about the news.

“Lots of people reaching out about my mental health, it’s totally fine,” LS said. “I’ve had a great support system of friends, mentors and confidants. I’m as surprised as everyone else given everything.”

LS is yet to provide about where he is going next. But, during his time as the League’s analyst and broadcaster on LCS Korea, he has become the content creator since then.

Moreover, Cloud9 is set to play TSM in Week 3 during the LCS 2022 regular season.