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COD: Dr Disrespect pushes for new map in Warzone

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Renowned Youtube streamer Herschel “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm urged the Warzone developers to launch a new map within the next few months to replace the existing Warzone Pacific’s Caldera.

The push was motivated by the multiple bugs, glitches, and cheating rule supreme on the environment. It had gotten to the point that Activision, the developer, had to apologize to CoD fans for the recurring problems.

In a live stream on January 15, Dr. Disrespect addressed these issues. Apart from criticizing the game, he also called for a new map following a comment left by a viewer who said the game is boring.

“I’m actually with you on that one. I think if I were them [Activision] I’d work on a [new map]. F**k man, that’s gonna be a long time,” said the Doc.

Dr. Disrepect believes if Activision had another map in the works, it probably would have been finished by now and ready for launch in 2 or 3 months. He also thinks Caldera won’t be able to last for another year, so Activision needs to think fast and come up with an alternative within the year.

A month ago, streamer TimTheTatman, who is an avid supporter of the battle royale, also pointed out how the new Caldera map was the source of issues impacting the game.

“This new map just feels dead, always,” he said as he found Verdansk to have more action, losing its Call of Duty feel.

TimTheTatman realized how “chalked” Caldera really is, and the map might jeopardize the overall game moving forward.

Pro COD player Aydan is also frustrated with the map, calling it “wrong”, while YouTube streamer CouRage had uninstalled the game altogether.

Horrible experience for Xbox

Prior to its release, fans had high expectations and looked forward to finally moving to Caldera from Verdansk. However, fans were let down as they experienced issues after issues when playing the map. Some even call the glitches the most “game-breaking glitches” Warzone has ever seen.

Xbox players are having the worst time with the game at the moment.

Some are unable to start the game at all after a recent update, putting them in an endless loop of restart. While some have to face a bug that forces them to have a Gold subscription to play, some also lost access to the 120 FPS mode of the game.

Other reports of Warzone bugs on the console also include the game constantly crashing, players’ guns going invisible, and players being unable to join their friends.

One Redditor also posted that it took them “literally 56 minutes to get in one game,” and the same problem will resurface should they go back to the main menu at any point of playing the game. Another said when they tried queueing for a match, “it would kick whoever wasn’t host and restarted the game every time.”

Warzone developers had acknowledged the issues and are currently working to put the game back on track. A temporary solution was provided by the developers, which is “don’t touch the Xbox button on the controller while Warzone is open”. Pressing the home button twice mid-game is known to cause instability.

This solution is, of course, not helping those who can’t even launch the game.