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COD: MW 2 releases Early Access, Open Beta, rewards details

Activision has released more information for its upcoming shooter title, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The announcement included the dates of the game’s Open Beta along with its rewards.

Players participating in the Open Beta of COD: MW 2 are eligible to claim ten rewards, ranging from an animated player card, weapon blueprints, vehicle skin, operator skin, and more.

Players may also download the game starting this Wednesday before the Early Access begins on September 16-17 for PlayStation and 18-20 for the console-only Open Beta. After that, Activision will kickstart Weekend Two with crossplay (Xbox, PC, and PlayStation) Open Beta on September 22-23, followed by all platforms Open Beta on 24-26.

Early Access, Open Beta, and its exclusive rewards are only accessible to players who pre-order the game. The rewards from Open Beta will be available when the game launches on October 28.

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As mentioned above, ahead of COD: MW 2’s initial launch date in late October, Activision has prepared ten rewards, claimable to those who pre-ordered and participated in a limited time period of the Open Beta.

Once claimed, these rewards can directly be used during the Early Access and Open Beta period and will also be made available when the game is released. The rewards and their level requirements are as follows:

1. Animated emblem “Smashed It” unlocks at Operator Level 2

2. Charm “Buckle Up” unlocks at Op. Level 4

3. Animated player card “Passed the Test” at Op. Level 6

4. Two stickers, namely “Operation First Blood” at Op. Level 10 and “Safety First” at Level 21

5. Two weapon blueprints, such as “Side Impact” at Op. Level 15 and “Frontal Impact” at Level 30

6. Operator skin “Collision” at Op. Level 18

7. Vinyl “No Competition” at Op. Level 19

8. Vehicle skin “Floor It” at Op. Level 26.

“No matter when or how you’re accessing the Open Beta1, get ready: You’re able to earn the biggest collection of free Beta rewards ever in Call of Duty history!” Activision wrote.

“A total of ten different reward items — including two Weapon Blueprints and an Operator Skin — can be earned throughout one or both Beta Weekends. These items can be equipped in the Beta as soon as you unlock them, and they are only available to unlock during the Beta itself. Don’t miss out!”

Other announcements

Aside from announcing COD: MW 2’s Early Access and Open Beta, Activision also announced that in the upcoming showcase event, COD: Next, on September 15 at 9:30 AM PT, the publisher would reveal more information about their new battle royale game and the release of Warzone on mobile. There will be in-depth information on these games along with COD: MW 2’s multiplayer.

The showcase event will be streamed live on COD’s official Twitch and YouTube accounts, and the event will feature over 150 of “your favorite streamers.” Additionally, there will be an in-depth analysis of the game from hosts later in the event.

Activision added that players who pre-order COD: MW 2 digitally may access the game’s single-player campaign mode almost a week earlier than the initial launch date.