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COD: MW 2 to include fan-favorite mode at launch

Ahead of the release of Infinity Ward’s upcoming FPS title, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, players noticed that one of the series’ most-beloved in-game modes, capture the flag, will also be released alongside the game this October.

In a countdown video released recently on September 10, players quickly noticed that icons potentially referring to CTF and domination modes were present on the video. These modes were central in COD multiplayer across all titles.

The CTF mode drew fans’ excitement as it could finally make its way to COD: League, the game’s esports series. It was not included in COD: Vanguard.

CTF to release in COD: MW 2, potentially in COD: League

COD: MW 2 is closing in on its open beta on September 16. The developer has revealed the game’s price on Steam. Players may pre-purchase the game before its late-October release.

The countdown video confirmed previous rumors made by video game leakers on Twitter, such as @theghostofhope and @charlieintel, that CTF would return in COD: MW 2 and potentially League.

“These 2 game mode icons in the video below are Domination and Capture The Flag if we go off the game mode icons Reality found in the WZM files a while back,” @theghostofhope wrote.

COD: Vanguard’s competitive seasons only featured three modes, namely hardpoint, search and destroy, and control. In addition to the three features, COD: Vanguard’s multiplayer modes only gave players an arms race, domination, team deathmatch, kill confirmed, patrol, free-for-all, and gunfight.

While it is not yet confirmed, introducing CTF to COD: League means that the professional circuit would at least have more mode options.

Other details of COD: MW 2

Aside from CTF, other details were also confirmed ahead of COD: MW 2’s initial launch in October. Infinity Ward recently said that the game, alongside COD: Warzone 2 and the studio’s future releases, would be launched on a unified engine.

Infinity Ward co-studio head and MW 2 creative director Patrick Kelly said via GamesRadar+ that the studio wanted to eliminate the game’s current issues to make direct collaborations among artists and different studios much easier via the use of a unified engine instead of having multiples.

“When one of the teams puts in a really cool rendering or audio or animation feature, then we have to have a bunch of people implement it in the other engine, and then another engine again,” Kelly said.

“There’s challenges associated with it in terms of merges and branches and things like that. But I would say that it’s been only for the better because we ended up getting the best of the best of the best of the best features. And we have the best of our engineers in any particular area, working on this technology that we’re all making use of.”

Additionally, pre-orders are now available for the game on Steam, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Live Store. Notably, the game features two editions, the Cross-Gen bundle and current-gen bundles for Xbox and PlayStation releases and the Vault Edition.