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COD: Vanguard viewership plummets, on par with sleeping streamers

Call of Duty Vanguard - Photo Activition

Call of Duty fans was elated as the long-awaited soft-reboot-slash-sequel Modern Warfare 2 is set to hit the market sometime in 2022, following the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard back in November 2021.

However, their emotions have been put on rollercoasters as they find vanguard’s Twitch viewership plummets, to the point it is at the same amount of people sleeping streams.

Vanguard fights a losing battle

It is common knowledge that Twitch houses a wide range of streams, including gaming. Although its viewership is not an accurate representation of a game’s popularity, many people still check Twitch streams of a certain game to check out the public’s interest in a game and how it stands out compared to the others.

People in the gaming industry is not surprised if ASMR and hot tub streams are outperforming a multiplayer shooting game since they cater to a wider range of audience. However, COD: Vanguard now has another competition: sleeping streams. It seems that they are just interested in watching streamers sleep as they are in the game.

Currently, it sits on 3.1k viewers apiece, according to a screenshot of the stat posted by Dexerto on Twitter.

The tweet has garnered over 1,000 retweets, 300 quote tweets, and 13,000 likes. However, most of the replies do not seem surprised by the stats.

Kalei Renay, a content creator under the FaZe Clan, replied with how BO3 (Black Ops III) constantly held around 30,000 views. At one point, the Warzone streamer has considered swapping to Apex Legends herself.

Meanwhile, Marksman, a player for CL Gaming, responded with the possibility of the game losing viewers due to no updates in 2 months, and many choose to play COD: Warzone instead.

“I’m Only Sleeping” category is, in fact, a video game – in case you didn’t know. The category largely features streamers who sleep on stream.

Greed leads to downhill

Some hope the decreasing viewership on Twitch can be a wake-up call to Activision Blizzard to do something more with the game. Fans and players are frustrated as the developer now seems more concentrated on making money, destabilizing the games’ competitive scenes, and an unclear future for CoD.

The past few days, the competitive CoD scene is at the breaking point as the quality seems to be pushed aside in favor of flashy marketing and casual-first content.

One of the biggest Warzone streamers of all time, Aydan, decided to move on to Apex Legends, following NICKMERCS. Upon seeing the stats, he only replied to the tweet with a laughing emoji. He agreed with others who find the franchise laughable.

Other pro players have also expressed their complaints about the game, such as Nadeshot who called himself a “fool” for buying into the Call of Duty League, and Crimsix, a pro player with a total of 37 Major championship wins, who called the developers “are not interested in making a great video game.”

Their main concerns are simply updates – as they want ranked modes, balanced competitive games, and fixes for bugs, mechanics, and balancing.

Today, Apex Legends has taken over Warzone’s viewership crown by becoming Twitch’s most streamed BR. Halo Infinite league is also slowly overtaking the CDL’s excitement.