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CoD: Warzone 2.0 Season 2 — Major changes to DMZ mode announced

Infinity Ward has announced major changes to the DMZ mode for Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, coming to the game likely on February 15, 2023.

The changes are mostly bug fixes, but there will be new missions in the patch and a new map for the Exclusion Zone. Infinity Ward hopes these changes will bring back players’ interest in the DMZ mode.

Among the bugs that the developer will fix is one that allows players to duplicate items. Some of these bugs cause players to appear “Not Ready” when preparing for a match, allow two players to get items from the same Supply Drop simultaneously and many more. This update will also address issues regarding the functionality and flow of equipping, swapping and previewing Insured Weapon Slots.

Players have also requested some difficulty level changes to the DMZ mode. Many of them found playing solo in DMZ mode too difficult due to the number of bots, which tend to have high accuracy.


Many players consider DMZ one of the most engaging new game modes in Warzone 2.0.

The DMZ is a trio-only game mode where players are sent to Al Mazrah, find loot and complete multiple objectives while trying to survive. These objectives are selected before the match starts. Here, they will be fighting against AI and other players. When players die in the game, they lose their inventory and have to start over.

Completing the missions in the mode gives players special rewards, like Blueprints or weapons. In this mode, players can also search for and collect keys scattered throughout the Al Mazrah map, which they can use to access new areas and loot.

There are several ways to obtain these keys. They all have their own challenges and have different success rates. Players can try finding these keys by looting containers they need to locate in the game’s designated areas. However, the keys do not always spawn in the containers.

Alternatively, players may search for keys in Lockers inside buildings or from enemy loot, which has a small chance of yielding keys. Players can also search for keys from Supply Drops. They will spawn after players have played the DMZ mode for some time. Supply Drop tends to have better odds of yielding keys in any method.

While searching for keys in the DMZ mode, players must be aware of their surroundings since enemy players will likely have the same goal. They will wander in highly contested areas where the keys are suspected to be around. Supply Drops, which have better chances of yielding keys, are marked for all players on the map, the enemy team included. As a result, searching for keys in the Supply Drops is the option with the highest risk.

One easy method of searching for keys in the DMZ mode is through HVT Contracts. To start missions from HVT Contracts, players must locate a phone and interact with it. Once they accept an HVT Contract, they will see a marked area as their destination and kill the enemies in that area. One of these enemies may drop a key that players can use on a locked door in that area.