CSGO cs_summit 8 Betting Preview

The IEM Summer is on the horizon, but there’s still a few weeks left to go. Luckily, Beyond The Summit is here to rescue us and fill that gap with an awesome new event. The cs_summit 8 is the CSGO esports tournament launching on May 20th, and it will go on for 10 consecutive days until the 30th of May when the winner will be crowned.


The tournament is located in North America and features 8 incredible teams who’ll be fighting each other for the $50.000 prize pool. There were 2 open qualifiers leading up to this, as well as the most recent closed qualifier that determined the final four teams in this event.

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The Tournament Format

The cs_summit 8 uses a double-elimination format for both the Group Stage, as well as the Playoffs.

The Group Stage is divided into 2 groups with four teams each, where only three out of four teams will advance into the Playoffs. The fourth gets eliminated.

The top two teams will land into the Upper Bracket, while the third starts in the Lower Bracket. It’s important to say that all the matches during this tournament will be played as best-of-three, with the Grand Final being the only exception where the match will be played as best-of-five.

Watch cs_summit 8 Live!

If you’re interested in watching the event live, check it out on the official Twitch stream linked below.

Prize Distribution

Here’s how the $50.000 prize pool will be distributed. As you would imagine, the winner gets the biggest share of the reward, while the rest gets distributed among the seven other participating teams.

  • 1st $17,000
  • 2nd $10,000
  • 3rd $7,000
  • 4th $5,000
  • 5th $4,000
  • 6th $3,000
  • 7th-8th $2,000

Let’s check out the teams

There’s 4 teams who qualified directly through the North American Regional Major Rankings. As such, these teams completely avoided the qualifiers and will be able to start playing at the main event right away. The four teams are : Evil Geniuses, FURIA Esports, Team Liquid, and EXTREMUM.


The other four were decided through the aforementioned qualifiers. Extra Salt was the first team to come out of the closed qualifiers, followed by paiN Gaming and Bad News Bears. The last team to qualify were the O Plano, and they completed the list of participants.

Who should you bet on?

Here we’ll analyze the teams and offer our own cs_summit 8 predictions for this esports tournament.

First of all, we have our big names like Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, and FURIA Esports. The big three of this event have the highest cs_summit 8 odds here.

There’s also Extra Salt, a team that’s been grinding hard to reach the success the other three teams already achieved in the past, so they could be a wild card in this event.

Here’s our top three picks for this event, so hopefully that helps you with all your csgo betting.

FURIA Esports

The Brazilian crew are starting off in Group A, along with Evil Geniuses and paiN Gaming. It’s the strongest of the two groups, and as such, there will be more competition for the first two spots.

With that being said, FURIA Esports is still our nr.1 favorite for the Group A and the Playoffs as well. They have been playing very well recently, especially during some of the more recent events.


During DreamHack Masters Spring 2021, they achieved the 5th-6th spot, which is a respectable result considering the large number of top tier teams competing. Compared to the rest of the teams in this event, they have the highest odds of coming out on top.

We expect them to take an easy win against O Plano in their first match, and continue strong until the end of the event. If you plan on betting on this match, make sure to check out Betway esports for the best odds on the market.

Evil Geniuses

This is the name that everyone knows and respects in all of CSGO esports. They have such a long history, and the success they achieved in the past still carries them to this day. Lately, however, they haven’t been that great if we’re being honest.

For example, during the ESL Pro League Season 13, they were the last team out of all 24 competing teams. Dead last in Group 4, and at the bottom of the barrel in the overall final standing.

Despite this recent slump in performance, they are still Evil Geniuses. We expect them to move forward into the Playoffs, but it just depends whether they’ll land straight into the Upper Bracket, or if they’ll finish 3rd and start in the Lower Bracket.

The deciding factor will be the match against paiN Gaming, which is the opening match of Group A. PaiN shouldn’t be underestimated just because they qualified from the Closed Qualifiers. In fact, Evil Geniuses should be even more careful since these guys worked much harder to come here, and they are fully capable of taking a win.

We expect a close match, but one where Evil Geniuses will emerge victorious. Our prediction is a 2-1 score for Evil Geniuses.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid has a much easier time in Group B, with Bad News Bears, Extra Salt, and EXTREMUM. However, much like Evil Geniuses, this team hasn’t been performing that well in the recent tournaments.

They were middle of the pack in terms of performance during the recent ESL Pro League Season 13, and during BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown 2021 they didn’t even make it in the top 8.


This could be a great opportunity for this team to boost their morale, and starting in a group like this is the perfect setting for that.

They will play their first match against Bad News Bears. On paper, this should be a win for Team Liquid, but BNB have been playing very well during some of the recent tournaments they participated in.

While we do see Team Liquid as a favorite here, it could still be a very difficult matchup for them. The final prediction is a 2-1 result in favor of Team Liquid, which would give the team a nice head start in Group B.