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Destiny 2 collaborating with Fortnite on new skins, per leaks

Recent leaks have suggested that Destiny 2 and Fortnite are collaborating to work on new skins for characters in both games. It was also revealed that Destiny 2 would be available on the Epic Store.

Destiny data miner Ginsor confirmed the news. He also uploaded to social media promotional pictures of Destiny’s three classes, including Hunter, Titan, and Warlock, dressed in Fortnite-inspired outfits.

Destiny is currently the most famous gaming series for leaks and data mines. Earlier this year, the game collaborated with Bungie’s Halo series. The crossover event was leaked prior to its release. The collaboration with Fortnite would be the game’s second crossover project of 2022.

Fortnite has also become well-known for its crossover events. The game has had numerous crossovers and collaborations with iconic games and shows since its release in 2017. Fortnite’s most popular collaborative project was with the MOBA League of Legends.

While the Fortnite Destiny 2 skins have yet to be revealed, German Fortnite leaker MidaRado said the skins would be available next week, before the release of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4.

Fortnite Destiny 2 skins

The leaks show an image of a Titan armor set that resembles the Black Knight skin that was previously available through the Fortnite season 2 season pass.

Destiny’s Warlock is also shown wearing a Fortnite-style Drift Mask, and the Hunter appears to be donning an Oblivion-inspired armor. Skins and outfits for characters such as Cayde-6, Zavala, and Ikora Rey will also be available.

It is unclear when or how Destiny 2 players will be able to get their hands on these Fortnite skins. Nevertheless, the skins will almost certainly be universal decorations in Destiny 2, allowing players to apply them to all armor sets.

This is not the first time for Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, to sign a crossover event deal with another game. Bungie celebrated its 30th anniversary with a special Destiny 2 content drop that included Halo-style guns. The 30th Anniversary pack, released last year, included a Magnum-like sidearm and a Battle Rifle-like pulse rifle.

On August 23rd, at 12 p.m. ET, Bungie will reveal Destiny 2 season 18 and Lightfall, the franchise’s next major expansion since Sony paid $3.7 billion for Bungie earlier this year.

Season 18 will be titled the “Season of the Plunder” and will center on Aramis’ long-awaited return and the revival of King’s Fall. It will be an overall pirate-themed season.

The Lightfall expansion will also include a new ally race, a battle against Calus, a journey to Neptune in quest of an artifact wanted by The Witness, and the Strand subclass, according to sources.

Leaks have indicated that significant changes are coming to the Arc 3.0 builds. A new raid, a reworked version of an old raid from the first Destiny, will also be added.

Fortnite’s other possible collaborations

Aside from Destiny 2, leakers have also suggested that more exciting franchises may soon be added to the game, including Doom, Family Guy, and Lord of the Rings.

HypeX said that a collaboration with Doom Slayer would come next week. Doom 64 is currently free on the Epic Games Store to celebrate QuakeCon, which is also taking place this weekend. For the same reason, all Bethesda games are on sale. Finally, Fall Guys recently received a collection of Doom-themed costumes.

Epic Games has also hinted at the introduction of the Lord of the Rings collaboration on an island recreation of Helms Deep. As reported by data miner Shiina, The Rock Kid is building a sand castle by the beach.

The castle’s structure is similar to that of the Lord of the Rings castle, where Rohan’s forces made their last stand against Saruman’s army.