DH Open June 2021 Predictions

DreamHack Open June has been a blast so far. Two regions, North America and Asia, fought in their respective events.

The NA region is fairly large in both the number of teams competing, as well as the overall prize. The North American region features eight teams fighting for $70.000, while the four Asian teams battle for a solid $30.000 prize pool.


Although it’s been a lot of fun, this esports event is slowly drawing to an end, and we’re here to give you a quick overview of the current situation in this tournament, as well as to offer our final predictions for the winner.

The Tournament Information

When it comes to the tournament itself, it’s pretty straightforward in terms of format. The NA region has more teams, so it has a group stage that’s followed by quick playoffs. Asian region, on the other hand, has only four teams. That’s why there was no need for a group stage and the Asian squads could jump into the Playoffs straight away.

The North American group stage had two groups with four teams each. Two winners of each group proceed into the Playoffs. Although they have a group stage, the NA region has a shorter Playoffs, with just Semifinals and the Grand Final. The Asian region, though, has an Upper and Lower Bracket, so there is quite a lot of action going on.

Regardless of the region, all the matches are played as best-of-three. The only exception is the final Grand Finals match where the format is best-of-five. This is an action-packed show, and if you decide to bet on some of the matches, head over to Bet365 esports to find some great offers.

DH Open June 2021 Predictions

Now that we’re almost at the end of this event, everyone is asking the same question – who will win? This is especially important for those who wish to enjoy some CS:GO betting, and having the right predictions could mean winning big or losing it all.

We have two main contenders on the NA side – Extra Salt and Party Astronauts.

Extra Salt, despite being fairly new to the CS:GO scene, has shown some promising results recently and appeared on a number of high-tier events. They have the drive to win, and there’s just 2 matches separating them from that number one spot.

We believe they’ll make quick work of paiN Gaming and make their way into the Grand Finals.


Party Astronauts have landed two wins in the group stage, which secured them a spot in the Playoffs. If they can take out O Plano, they’ll most likely fight Extra Salt. If this scenario ends up coming true, then we predict that Extra Salt will emerge victorious and take this tournament.

Overall, when it comes to the DH Open July 2021 predictions, we believe Extra Salt has the highest esports odds of winning.

The Asian region paints a pretty clear picture. The only team that stayed consistently on top throughout the entire event was Team Renewal. They are currently sitting in the Grand Finals where they await the winner from the Lower Bracket Final match. Whether Checkmate or D13 end up moving forward, it matters little. We expect Team Renewal to win this event with ease and claim the number one prize. If you’re looking to bet on this team, you should check out Betway esports for some of the most competitive odds on the market.