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In this review, we’ll be talking about DJ Esports betting – a brand new crypto esports betting platform with a heavy focus on community interaction. And when we say heavy focus, we truly mean it.

DJ Esports have included some of the top Twitch streamers as a part of their esports betting portfolio, and many of them are listed each day on their website. This means that you can access the DJ Esports betting website and go through the list of streamers, who will be playing different games, and bet on them. Essentially, DJ Esports has successfully incorporated betting on Twitch streamers into their structure.

The most important Points:
DJ Esports
60 / 100 Points
  • Esports Betting
  • Live Streamers Betting
  • Virtual Esports Betting
  • Crypto Payments

Additionally, they are very active within the community and organise frequent giveaways related to some big esports events. They also have their own discord community server, which is something you don’t often see with other esports betting platforms.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
DJ Esports Review

Strengths & Weaknesses
  • DJ Esports Twitch streamer betting
  • Discord server with an active community
  • Crypto betting
  • Plenty of esports betting markets

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1. Live Esports Betting:

4/10 Points

Live Esports Odds as well as Live Betting on Streamers

DJ Esports betting place a high value on live esports betting. We have already mentioned how there’s plenty of DJ Esports streamers that players can be on, and all those bets are done live.

They also have a Live Odds section where all the live esports betting odds will be listed.

The streamer betting game hall will be a big focus of our DJ Esports review, so we’ll talk about it a bit more in this part.

Essentially, the DJ Esports streamers betting section is pretty much what you’d imagine. Each betting option, or each streamer that you can place a bet on, will have its own betting odds.

When you select a streamer you wish to bet on, a live stream of that streamer will immediately open and you’ll be able to spectate their match.

DJ Esports betting also shows which game the DJ Esports streamer is playing, which match they’re currently in, and when the stream started. The precise information gives the players a clear picture and allows them to have a more calculated betting approach.


2. Esports Welcome Offer:

5/10 Points

50% deposit bonus

In terms of DJ Esports bonuses and welcome offers, DJ Esports betting doesn’t disappoint. They offer a flat 50% deposit bonus along with weekly deposit bonuses.

The 50% deposit bonus works in the following way. All clients of DJ Esports betting are entitled to an extra 50% bonus based on their first deposit amount. In order to withdraw the amount, they will need to hit 5x the turnover. The math is 5 x deposit amount + 50% deposit amount, which will end up being the turnover amount. Effective turnover is counted on odds of 1.5 or more.

But that’s not all. DJ Esports set up new weekly offers to all new customers and to those members who regularly use DJ Esports betting sites. Chat directly with DJ Esports on Discord, as soon as you create your new user account, to see exactly what you’re entitled to receive.

3. Payment Methods:

5/10 Points

Crypto-exclusive esports betting platform

Since DJ Esports betting is a dedicated cryptocurrency esports betting platform, they offer a wide selection of payment methods and support the majority of cryptocurrencies.

DJ Esports betting supports the following cryptocurrencies: mBTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, BCH, LTC, XLM, EOS, TRX, DAI, and BUSD.

Moreover, at DJ Esports you can buy cryptos using real money. This can be done through MoonPay, which has been integrated directly into their site, thus avoiding you the hassle of having to use external crypto exchange platforms.


4. Esport Odds:

6/10 Points

One of the largest selections of esports odds

Now this is where things get really interesting in this DJ Esports review. As you could imagine, if you’re a betting site, your business depends on having competitive odds and offering something to your users that your competitors don’t.

DJ Esports betting has the upper hand here since they have one of the largest selections of esports odds and exotic odds for esports. DJ Esports offers over 30,000 market odds, covering the most prestigious and high-profile tournaments, and even live DJ Esports Twitch streamers.

Most of their odds are generated with an AI they’ve been developing from over a decade of data mining.

They have the same staple odds like First Blood, Turret, Baron, Dragon, Rift Herald, but they also have exotic odds that are not offered anywhere else, like First, Second, Third Dragon Type, Total Kills, Odd or Even, or First 10-30 kills. Other types of bets, including parlay, handicap, or asian handicap are offered as well. This ensures that DJ esports betting always stays fresh and interesting.

5. Betting Markets:

7/10 Points

DJ Esports have everything

While the DJ Esports Twitch streamers play a huge role in adding variety to the website, the esports section is what truly takes the DJ Esports betting to the next level.

DJ Esports have everything – the most popular esports titles like CS:GO betting and LoL betting are there, but there are also games such as Rocket League, Overwatch, CrossFire, Hearthstone, PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty, NBA2K, Valorant, Rainbow Six, FIFA, StarCraft 2, KOG, Dota 2, and even Warcraft 3.

If you’re a fan of esports betting, there’s no chance that you won’t find something that will interest you from this list.


6. Security & Legal:

4/10 Points

License by the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO)

DJ Esports have their gaming license issued by the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO). As such, they are a fully regulated esports betting site and operate in accordance with the laws.

They are committed to responsible gaming and will abide by the standard betting and gambling rules. You won’t be able to access DJ Esports unless you’re over 18.

7. Betting Limits:

6/10 Points

The sky's the limit

In terms of esports betting, DJ Esports doesn’t seem to have any clear betting limits. They advise responsible gaming and require their users to be over 18 before they’re able to access and bet on their website.

Since this is a crypto-exclusive esports betting site, the sky’s the limit.

8. Interface & Design:

6/10 Points

Intuitive and very easy to navigate

This is the part of our DJ Esports review where we take a look at the interface and design of their website.

Immediately, we can tell that DJ Esports put a lot of effort into the design. The interface is intuitive and very easy to navigate, which is super important when you’re accessing a new site.

Everything that’s important has been presented clearly and is visible in the very middle of the page. On the outskirts, you’ll find all the important buttons and links that direct you to the other parts of the website, such as the esports betting section, DJ Esports streamers, and various social media links.

The colours are easy on the eye and you can tell that purple was used intentionally to give a bit of that Twitch vibe. Overall, the design is top-notch and is certainly one of the main selling points for those who value the aesthetics of their websites.


9. Customer Service:

8/10 Points

24/7 discord community

This is where DJ Esports betting is quite different from other esports betting sites. Of course, they have a live chat on their website where all your important questions are answered. But more importantly, they have a 24/7 community discord where the majority of the conversation is found.

Discord is the main choice for the majority of gamers and non-gamers as well, but especially for DJ Esports Twitch streamers. If you’re interested in the giveaways, have questions about your bets, or just wish to stay up-to-date with all things related to DJ Esports – then make sure to join their Discord server.

Their discord has housed almost 7k players since the launch earlier this year from all around the world. They host watch parties, 1v1s, and live betting for people to not only connect the fans with their streamers but also test their analytical skills. Their 1v1s have real money prizes as well as markets available for crypto and DJT betting.

It truly sounds like a fun place to hang around and stay informed at the same time. This is a huge plus for DJ Esports and other betting sites sho

10. Special Features:

9/10 Points

DJ Esports playcoin

DJ Esports betting has several unique special features. The first one is the DJ Esports playcoin DJT. This is a DJ Esports playcoin and holds no monetary value outside the platform. It offers free bets to the holder, allowing new-users full access to all their content.

Then there’s the fact that DJ Esports allows betting on streamers. They have successfully managed to merge the world of esports betting with Twitch streaming. It enhances the overall experience and adds extra flavour to your day-to-day esports betting.

Being a crypto-exclusive esports betting platform, DJ Esports offers betting with Bitcoin. Crypto is spiking in popularity and it seems to be the next big thing in the world of esports betting, and potentially streaming. They are paving the way for others to follow, and for that they deserve recognition and praise.

Frequent giveaways are also one of the selling points of DJ Esports. What enables them to thrive is exactly the connection they have with their fans through communication and giveaway events they organize. The prizes are great, and the fans are happy!


Final Remarks

60/100 Points
DJ Esports

DJ Esports could be seen as the new kid on the block, but they’re already beating some of the veterans in the esports betting industry. Being a crypto betting site already gives them an edge and creates opportunities where some other esports betting sites still can’t compete.

They have integrated esports betting with Twitch streaming, which is another breakthrough in the field of esports betting.

They have great bonuses, plenty of giveaways, and great communication with their community. This should enable them to grow much faster than their competitors. They are already several steps ahead, and even though their journey is just beginning, their future seems incredibly bright.

DJ Esports is an incredible experience and you’ll never feel like something is missing. From the esports betting odds to the esports betting markets, DJ Esports betting has it all. The number of streamers will also most likely increase as more and more people find out about DJ Esports.

Soon, DJ Esports could take over and become the leading giant in the esports betting industry, and revolutionise how we view crypto betting and streaming

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