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Dota 2: Qualified teams preparing for Lima Major 2023

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On February 22, Dota 2 teams across different continents will start competing for the latest Major Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season, set for the first time in the Southern American city of Lima, Peru.

The event will be co-organized by the Swedish-based Epulze and 4D Esports, representing Spanish-speaking members of the Dota community. It will host eighteen teams across Western and Eastern Europe, North and South America, China and Southeast Asia.

These teams will compete in group stages later in February before finally facing off in the playoffs near the beginning of March.

Teams participating in the circuit stand to gain the Major’s tempting $500,000 and 1,900 DPC points prize pool in the final rounds.

Lima Major 2023 will close off the DPC’s Winter Tour, a tournament that saw great ups and downs between many different Dota teams across the globe.

In the DPC Winter Tour, regional teams compete against each other for the opportunity to represent their parts of the world in the upcoming tournament.

As new additions to the roster, South America teams were rewarded for their great plays last year, with Valve hosting their latest circuit on their home turf.

However, while anticipation for the Lima Major grows, regional competitors vie to take their place in the prestigious circuit. Half of the teams have already been decided, but the other half will be chosen over the weekend’s conclusion of DPC’s Winter Tour.

Qualified competitors

In Lima Major 2023, some regions will host more teams than others. In the current state, Western Europe and China will host four teams each in the circuit. Meanwhile, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe will see three teams each, and North and South America will see two teams each in the match.

Two teams have already claimed their slots in Western Europe, with Team Liquid and the recovering Gaimin Gladiators taking the lead. Gaimin Gladiators saw a rough start in The Internation 2022 (TI11), losing many key players in their roster. However, the team managed to catch up and place second in the DPC WEU.

Eastern Europe has already filled all their spots for the upcoming circuit, with Betboom Team, Team Spirit and HellRaisers stepping in to represent the region. Team Spirit and HellRaisers finished with respectable records. Likewise, BetBoom Team seemed to have found their footing and dominated their qualifier rounds.

North America and South America have also found their representatives. North American Dota fans can look forward to TSM and Shopify Rebellion, who impressed watchers across the world with 7-0 and 6-1 win records in their qualifiers.

After some scheduling troubles, South America saw Evil Geniuses and Beastcoast claim their spot with similarly remarkable scores. Despite only claiming two teams for the next DPC tournament, all their teams’ track records are set to dominate the circuit.

Southeast Asia also managed to fill its roster after significant upheavals in the match-up. Geek Slate, Talon Esports and Execration will look forward to representing their countries. Execration put up a notable performance in the qualifiers, only losing to one team throughout the games.

China, the final and longest qualifying rounds so far, has only seen one team take one of their four slots. Team Aster remained unbeatable in the qualifiers with a 5-0 record, mathematically guaranteeing their position.

The rest of the teams will be decided in the final games of the Winter Tour.