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Dr Disrespect calls Call of Duty: Vanguard ‘awful’, says he ‘didn’t enjoy a single second’

Youtube’s popular streamer Dr Disrespect did not hold back when he said he “didn’t enjoy a single second” playing Call of Duty: Vanguard and wanted to quit.

Dr Disrespect is no stranger to controversy. He had accumulated more than four million followers on Twitch before he was banned on Twitch in 2020. He later moved to YouTube, where he continues to grow his fan base and brand.

Alongside his signature mustache look, bold and energetic gaming persona, the Doc has put his name on the map by playing first-person shooters, such as the Call of Duty franchise. He even appeared in a Mountain Dew advertisement as part of the promotion for double XP in Call of Duty: Vanguard on October 28.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is the latest installment of the long-running shooter franchise. The game takes players back to World War II with a brand new campaign that tasks the player to take on the role of six Operatives as they fight to defeat the enemy. Alongside the campaign, COD: Vanguard also has multiplayer and a zombies mode.

“Rough experience”

It all started with a positive and hopeful tone when the Doc and his fellow streamers, TimTheTatman and ZLaner, started their stream and played the game.

The Doc even praised the early multiplayer levels, and at one time, he was “liking the feel, fast, sleek” of the game. That opinion did not last long, and Dr Disrespect soon raged over the game’s pace after he repetitively died in several sequences.

He later Alt-F4ed and said: “That was just a rough experience. I think, SBMM or not, it wouldn’t have mattered either.”

“Yep, I’m done, I reckon. That’s it.”

Dr Disrespect then continued his onslaught against the game, saying, “I didn’t have ANY fun today, I don’t want to be a negative nancy. I just didn’t.”

“That was awful. I’m trying to think, to figure out if I had any fun with the game. I don’t want to be a negative, negative nancy. I just didn’t have any fun playing the game at all. That’s just me.”

Not the first time

Some other big streamers, such as Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek and Charles “Cr1TiKaL” White, were also not impressed with COD: Vanguard. Many have reported problems with skill-based matchmaking. Furthermore, several bugs, such as a glitch that breaks combat shields, broken bayonet melee, apparently even chairs and doors, reportedly could kill players during the game.

If these problems were not bad enough, the game is now plagued with rampant cheaters ruining online matches.

Only time can tell if Dr Disrespect will return playing the game. In the past, the Doc also shared a similar frustration with Call of Duty: Warzone, only to return to the game a few days later.

Several other big-name first-person shooter games are launching soon, such as Battlefield 2042, which will be released on November 19, and Halo Infinite, which will hit the stores on December 8. Perhaps the Doc will turn his attention to these upcoming games.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.