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Dr Disrespect calls Halo Infinite aim assist ‘frustrating’, then smashes controller

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Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, better known by his online persona Dr Disrespect, recently expressed his frustration over the Halo Infinite aim assist feature where he was seen destroying his controller on his live stream.

Microsoft and developer 343 Industries surprised fans on November 15 with free early access to the new Halo’s competitive multiplayer mode to commemorate Xbox’s 20th anniversary.

The Doc destroyed his controller, after encountering a problem with aim assist in Halo Infinite. After being killed by an enemy player in Halo Infinite, the streamer threw his controller to the ground as bits went everywhere, including the controller’s plastic casing.

“I got none! F##k, none at all! No f##king aim assist!” he yelled, before trying to piece his smashed controller back together. “It’s ridiculous.”

Dr Disrespect’s rant is justifiable as PC gamers using controllers in Halo Infinite have discovered a glitch that disables aim assist completely. The issue occurs when players accessing the game on PC press enter on the keyboard instead of pressing the start button on the controllers.

“As good as Halo Infinite comes off to be, there’s a lot of little things that are adding up that makes it… I mean, what the f##k man, seven years and we get this?” the Doc added.

“Looks like I’ve been complaining all over the stream today. I don’t like to complain, but they have been working on this for practically years and is it possible that there are still such important bugs?

“Today has just been so frustrating. I do have fun when I play, but there’s just so many technical issues too. It makes it really hard to play.”

Aim assist advantage over KBM

Halo Infinite’s aim assist debate continues to escalate, with many now saying the mechanic is “busted” after one fan discovered the gap in performance between high-level players on a controller and those on mouse-and-keyboard.

On November 27, Halo Infinite fan ‘u/Alfphie’ shared his research into the accuracy stats for the top 100 controller and top 100 mouse-and-keyboard players — and fans on Reddit were gasped by the overwhelming gap in performance between the two groups.

“I went through Halo Tracker and gathered accuracy stats for [the] top 100 players in the KBM/Controller-only playlists,” Alfphie explained. “[The] differences in median accuracy [were] 16.4% between [the] top 100 KBM/Controller players.

“Interestingly, there was only a 3.1% difference between the top 100 KBM and 50th percentile Controller players. The highest accuracy KBM player was about level with a median Top 100 Controller player.”

“This graph really gives some credence to my position of being staunchly opposed to being forced to play versus [players with] aim assist,” one fan commented. “It’s bad in the MCC and it’s bad in Infinite.”

Cheats and bots

Cheating is not a new phenomenon in any gaming community, but it certainly takes away the joy and entertainment for all players.

According to Wicked Good Gaming, a player encountered a cheater following him through walls with almost flawless aim. They rewatched the game after it was done and noticed that the cheater was installing external assistance for help. The software tracked every player through walls and pre-fired before they appeared.

Dr Disrespect cautioned the “hackusations” during the Warzone era might arrive in Infinite if these hacks are not dealt with swiftly.

“Cheating in Halo is a scary thing to think about,” he began, before continuing, “If it gets out of control like Warzone, everyone is gonna question everything, and then it turns into this huge hackusation movement [that] nobody wants,” the Doc tweeted.

“Microsoft… give us some relief. It’s such a good game.”

Halo Infinite full release is scheduled for December 8, still continues on the plot story of finding Master Chief, a longtime hero of the series, fighting off against a new alien threat to humankind’s existence.