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Dr Disrespect criticizes Call of Duty devs for lack of support following his Twitch ban

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YouTube Gaming streamer Dr Disrespect has criticized the developer team behind Call of Duty for discontinuing their support and giving him “the cold shoulder” following his infamous ban from Twitch, saying that he took it personally.

Dr Disrespect is known for his criticism of the Warzone and the Call of Duty series, which has been increasing in recent months. The star streamer is also known for his frequent abandonment of Warzone, to which he keeps coming back to play. The man is currently building his very own battle royal game in the hope it can top the game that he keeps reinstalling upon launch.

In a recent live stream, which has been deleted since but reposted by Full Squad Gaming, a fan asked Dr Disrespect why he hated Call of Duty to such a degree. The man answered by criticizing the team behind the series for stopping their support after he was banned from streaming on Twitch.

“Listen, I just point out the obvious. Plus, when I got banned from the purple snakes’ platform, they like secretly shadow banned me and stopped talking to us and all that stuff,” Doc said.

He then went on to list the “multiple commercials” and projects he had done in the game. He previously worked as a level designer for Call of Duty.

“Design half the maps from Advanced Warfare, like we’ve done a lot with the franchise, right? For them to turn the cold shoulder like that, trust me, I took it personal,” he continued.

Dr Disrespect then said that the developer of Call of Duty were “phonies”, while criticizing the series’ current situation.

“I’ll tell you right now, there’s a lot of phoniness inside that corporation,” he said.

“Of course, I’m gonna rip their game, look at the s**t, pathetic position it’s in. We’re talking about the biggest franchise in gaming right here, and you’re going to let it get to this level? That’s pretty bad.”

The man continued his rant to call out EA, saying the company did the “exact same thing” by also turning their backs on him following the ban from the purple platform.

“There’s a lot of phoniness in this industry, holy s**t,” he concluded.

Unimpressed by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II reveal

In another steam, Dr Disrespect was asked about his opinion on the recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II reveal, in which campaign footage and gameplay were shown. He used the opportunity to let his disappointment be known.

“That engine feels outdated, doesn’t it?… Unimpressive,” the Doc said.

Dr Disrespect then continued to promote the game that his Midnight Society studio was building. He bragged that the MWII reveal had nothing on the game, saying that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II could not match even a screenshot from his title.

That being said, Dr Dsirespect also showed that he still cared for the game and wanted CoD’s latest installment to be something he could enjoy.

“I think they’re just going to have to knock it out of the park with the Modern Warfare gameplay,” he said.

“Let’s hope they do that. I wouldn’t mind fantastic multiplayer and new battle royale. Let’s not get it mistaken. We know what the potential can be.”