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Dr DisRespect mocks Twitch’s latest update to exclusivity rules

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Former Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect has mocked Twitch’s latest update to its exclusivity clause. The latest rules lifted the exclusivity restrictions imposed on partnered and affiliate streamers, allowing them to create live content on other platforms.

Twitch announced yesterday that the clause had been updated, but there was one caveat—streamers were not permitted to broadcast on other live-streaming platforms while hosting a Twitch stream.

“Partners and Affiliates are allowed to create live content on other platforms. This means that you have more flexibility to explore how to use different, off-platform features to further build your community,” Twitch’s latest FAQ reads.

Twitch partners previously benefited from the partner program at the cost of not being able to create “live content” on other websites. A content creator, for example, could post YouTube videos of their stream, but if they were a partner, they could not live-stream on both YouTube and Twitch.

While many in the streaming community celebrated Twitch’s new rules, Dr. DisRespect, who is permanently banned from Twitch for unspecified reasons, saw them as a setback.

The Two-Time Champion claimed that the most recent update on partnered and affiliated streamers was in violation of the platform’s own policies.

Dr. DisRespect then announced on Twitter that he would be hosting a simulcast stream on August 24, but he has since rescheduled it for Friday.

“Simulcast Tomorrow. Gonna see if I can ignore chat on BOTH platforms…” he said.

The tweet drew a large number of replies from fans who wanted to know if streaming on two platforms at the same time has an effect on the quality of the stream or chat.

Twitch’s updated clause

The purple platform said simultaneous live-streaming on Twitch and on other platforms would be extremely difficult.

“We do not allow simulcasting on web-based,” Twitch said. “Twitch-like services that support streaming for extended periods of time, such as YouTube and Facebook, because we believe engaging with two streams at once can lead to a sub-optimal experience for your community.”

Streamers can broadcast on Facebook or YouTube at a different time, but not simultaneously with a Twitch stream. “Once your Twitch live streams end, you may immediately live stream elsewhere,” the company said.

Twitch partners, on the other hand, are permitted to simulcast on mobile video-sharing platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Live.

“However, we know many of you want to use other services to grow your community, so simulcasting on short form, mobile services, such as TikTok or Instagram Live, is allowed.” the updates read.

Dr DisRespect to stream on Twitch again

The Amazon-owned company banned Dr. DisRespect after the steamer agreed to a multi-year contract with the platform in March 2020.

As a result of the policy change, streamers who are only signed to Twitch may once again be able to stream with Dr. DisRespect.

“Who’s gaming with the Doc soon?” He said on Twitter when the news was first announced.

OpTic Gaming streamers Matthew “FormaL” Piper and Davis “Hitch” Edwards responded, saying they would not skip the opportunity.