Dr Disrespect plans ahead for 2022, hints at Twitch showdown

Dr Disrespect, a big name in the streaming and gaming world, recently posted on his Twitter account his goals for the following year, and it featured the platform that banned him back in 2020 – Twitch.

Captioned “2022 Goals”, the list consists of 100 Million raised for Midnight Society, his recently launched AAA gaming studio, establishing a Bourbon business, releasing music album, Doc-Con ’22, and Unbanned and Massive Payment, highlighted in purple.

In just one day, the tweet has gained the attention of the public, with 1,770 retweets, 220 Quote Tweets, and over 44,000 likes.

Although he did not explicitly mention the name “Twitch”, the text for “Unbanned and Massive Payment” is highlighted in purple, unlike the other resolutions on the list. As we all know, purple is the color of Twitch, which banned Dr Disrespect back in June 2020.

The public still has no idea why the icon was banned in the first place, but Dr. Disrespect has dropped hints that he knew why, although he never disclosed the details. In one of his streams back in August 2021, he also said that he’s in the process of taking legal action.

Since the ban, Dr. Disrespect has been active on YouTube, garnering 3.68 million subscribers since August 2020. Despite a big following, Dr. Disrespect had criticized various aspects of YouTube Gaming several times in the past. The public is unsure if he would like to return to Twitch to stream, or he simply wanted payback for the loss he suffered due to the ban.

Plans for 2022

As revealed by the image posted on his Twitter account, Dr. Disrepect does not go into 2022 to play.

First, his AAA gaming studio, “Midnight Society” has garnered success with 30,000 members on discord and almost 100,000 followers only one day after the launch. As of January 3rd, the followers’ count has reached over 118,000.

Midnight Society is said to be “focused on delivering the best, most community-focused, online PVP multiplayer experience the world has ever seen.” It invites the gaming community and major content creators to leave some feedback on the game’s development, giving them hands-on experience.

On the tweet back on December 16, Midnight Society revealed that there are over 1600 applicants who were enthusiastic about joining the development team. Although no plans for a game is announced yet, it seems that fans can expect it sometime this year, especially if the target is met.

Aside from gaming, where his career centered around, Dr. Disrespect also mentioned his plans of branching out and diversifying his portfolio by opening a bourbon business. If it happens, then this business will be his first venture that is not gaming-related.

Another non-gaming-related plan the doctor has in store is releasing his first-ever music album. To date, the streamer has released multiple songs, but no album yet.

Additionally, Dr. Disrespect wants to bring something new to the table by hosting a “Doc-Con” for his fans. No further detail is available yet, but it will be the first Doc-Con ever if all goes accordingly.