Dr Disrespect slams Youtube Gaming for not supporting streamers

Dr Disrespect - Dr Dis Respect Cropped, tags: youtube - CC BY-SA

Streamer Dr Disrespect, aka Herschel Beahm, has slammed Youtube Gaming in his recent tweet. According to him, the “phony industry” that he works in does not support the content creator. Doc said on Twitter that he had already “unfollowed” YouTube Gaming due to the lack of recognition given to streamers on the platform. Dr Disrespect has been creating content for YouTube for quite some time.

Doc switched to YouTube as his primary streaming platform after being permanently banned from Twitch back in the summer of 2020. With no official contract with the platform, the Doc has established himself as one of the streaming community’s most prominent figures. The latest tweet indicates that YouTube Gaming and Doc’s partnership appears to be in disarray.

Twitch legal action

Dr Disrespect was mysteriously banned from Twitch in 2020, resulting in many trolls and controversy. In 2021, the streamer became deeply involved in a legal battle with Twitch, which eventually settled in March 2022.

Despite the ridicule he received as a result of his mysterious ban, Doc persevered in his streaming career and rose to the position of full-time professional content creator and streamer on YouTube.

Dr Disrespect said that “no party admits any wrongdoing” and would not be returning to Twitch, despite the lawsuit not revealing why he was banned.

However, the streamer’s content appears to be unwelcomed on the site, as evidenced by a ban from Twitch imposed on a chess grandmaster in March for streaming a match from Dr Disrespect.

Frustration over YouTube Gaming

Doc has amassed a devoted fan base on YouTube. His unique style has helped Doc garner a large following, where he has over 3.9 million subscribers. However, he has now criticized YouTube gaming for not supporting its creators on the platform, which he believes is unfair.

His most recent attack is on YouTube gaming, which he accuses of failing to support its creators on the platform. The tweet has already gone viral, garnering more than 46.1k likes just a few hours after it was posted. As expected, Doc’s opinions on YouTube gaming elicited a wide range of responses from his audience. Several of his followers criticized the platform’s lack of support for its creators.

At the time of this writing, neither Doc nor YouTube Gaming had said anything further about the situation. This sudden reaction has not been linked to anything specific. According to a small number of viewers, the tweet from Dr. Disrespect was sent out shortly after former Twitch streamer Sykkuno announced his decision to leave Twitch for YouTube.

It appears to be not the first time Doc has criticized YouTube Gaming for failing to provide adequate public recognition to its creators. Doc took a shot at YouTube Gaming in March 2022, claiming that the platform had shown him a lack of support for his content.

Dr Disrespect is no longer just a streamer; he’s also working on other things. On top of his recent announcements about a full-length album, Disrespect recently defended the decision to sell NFTs made by a studio he co-founded, Midnight Society.