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Dr Disrespect uninstalls Modern Warfare 2 after playing for just three days

The complicated relationship between Dr Disrespect and the Call of Duty franchise is well-known among his fans. The popular YouTube streamer recently deleted Modern Warfare 2 out of rage during his stream.

The Doc was angry over consecutive deaths and poorly placed spawns. The final straw was when his enemies spawn-trapped him by camping near his team’s spawn spot. The enemies annihilated Dr Disrespect’s team within seconds. The streamer immediately quit and uninstalled the game.

“That’s all I can handle. Yeah, I’m uninstalling the game right now actually,” he said.

Other streamers, TimTheTatman and CouRage, who were playing with him, laughed when they heard about Doc’s action. They said they were surprised that Dr Disrespect had lasted three days before he stopped playing.

the Doc has not made his less-than-stellar opinion about the game a secret. After just playing the game for a few hours, the streamer shared his opinion with his viewers.

“I think it’s a decent game. Like, decent as in 4.5 out of 10,” he said.

That said, he was not impressed with the bugs plaguing the game. He expected the developer to remove all of them during pre-launch. He also asserted the weapon in MW2 was “weird” and called the audio “out of whack.” His biggest issue with the game was the movement.

“The movement of the game feels very restricted,” Dr Disrespect said.

“We’ve got this animation of sliding and dolphin diving, but for what? What’s the purpose of them if I can’t dolphin dive into shooting my gun, or slide, bunny hop, and then slide cancel while I’m shooting and s**t?”

The Doc later added that the gun mechanics were “not too bad.” He asserted that although his weapons felt out of control, he was sure that there was a formula.

“I just haven’t found it yet. One that kind of softens it up makes it a little bit more of a laser,” he added.

The two-time Blockbuster gaming champion called the map design in MW2 “okay,” which was high praise considering he was the designer of Advanced Warfare’s maps. He said he didn’t hate the game but was disappointed.

“I want to see innovation. I want to see them make the right moves. I want them to push the game in the right direction. But there are a lot of head-scratchers,” the Doc said.

Dr Disrespect turns to Overwatch 2

In the same stream, Doc turned his attention to another recently released game, Overwatch 2 and he did not hold back. He called the ranked system “gutter trash” because he was placed in the second lowest rank tier, Bronze 4.

“I’m switching over to Overwatch, I’m gonna have some fun. Three days… yeah. That was – I’m good,” Dr Disrespect said.

The former Twitch streamer seemed to be having a good time playing Overwatch 2. Viewers praised the streamer when they saw the way he used Sombra’s skills. Blizzard has even given the Doc a homage.

The official Overwatch Twitter account shared an image of Dr Disrespect, saying they were happy to see the streamer “having fun” playing their game. The image also shows details of the streamer’s abilities if he was a hero in Overwatch 2. Some players suggested that Blizzard should add Doc as a skin in the game.

“Yayayayayayaya need a Doc skin and I NEED IT NOW,” one player said on Twitter.