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DreamLeague Stockholm Major Qualifiers Start in Late January

Dota 2 players and professional gamers alike look forward for the start of the new competitive season. The Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 11 Stockholm event is the first important tournament of the year and it is scheduled to start mid-March. In anticipation of the official kickoff, players try to secure a place at the main event and they can do so through qualifiers. Players will compete in the open and closed qualifiers, with the first matches to be played on January 24. Those who book a place at the main event will be competing for a share of the guaranteed prize pool worth $1 million and a batch of 15,000 DPC points.

DreamLeague Stockholm Major

Open Qualifiers Conclude on January 27

Some of the established teams, as well as many new squads are expected to play in the qualifiers, while others get themselves busy with the Chongqing Major. The more exciting games will take place in the closed qualifiers, where those who have survived the open stage will play against tougher opponents. During this phase of the competition, eight teams from each region will participate and these will include recently qualified ones, as well as those that have received a direct invitation.

The open bracket matches begin on January 24 and one day later, people already know the names of the two teams that have secured a place in the closed qualifiers. Only the most successful two Dota 2 squads will make it this far and the process will be repeated on January 26 and January 27. By the end of the month, the combined eight qualified and invited teams will be anxiously preparing for the next stage.

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Schedule for the DreamLeague Stockholm Closed Qualifiers

At this point, the participating teams will be divided into two groups based on their country of origin and the first matches will be played on February 1. The closed qualifiers have a winner and a loser bracket, so those who suffered an untimely elimination will still have a second chance to make amends. This time, it will take a total of six days for the best teams to claw their way to the top, as the two groups conclude on February 3, respectively February 6.

The structure of the closed qualifiers has also been revealed and we know that based on the group stage results, teams will be seeded into the double elimination bracket. The top half will play in the upper bracket, while the bottom half will have to survive the lower brackets. Throughout the closed qualifiers, all games are played in a best-of-three format, so luck is likely to play a smaller role. Registration for the open qualifiers will start on January 14, precisely 2 months before the main event begins.

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