DreamLeague Season 15 DPC EU

The spring season has blessed the Dota 2 community with a plethora of esports events, most of which coincide with one another. It’s not often that we get to have our pick like we do now. In an effort to simplify our betting options and to make the decision as to who you should bet on a little bit easier, we’ve decided to cover several of the most interesting Dota Pro Circuit Upper Bracket regions in Season 15.


Today we’ll cover the DreamLeague Upper Bracket region. As per usual, there’s 8 competing teams in each of the regions. To try and narrow down our selection, we’ll go over all the teams and point out those that stand out the most and have the highest chance of winning. This esports tournament is still ongoing so there’s ample time to place a few DPC bets here and there.

Tournament Information

Let’s keep this short and simple. Eight teams competing in a single round-robin format, all matches played as Bo3. Top three teams qualify for Majors – first one landing directly into the Playoffs, second going in the Group Stage, and the third and fourth team placing into the Major Wild Card.

When it comes to the prize pool, it’s the same for every region. $205.000 is divided almost equally among all eight participants, so each team is rewarded with a hefty sum regardless of their final score.

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Let’s look at the teams

This esports tournament is stacked with some of the finest squads in Dota 2. Right off the bat we have the back-to-back TI champions, OG. The crew led by N0Tail is coming from Season 14 with some very underwhelming results. In spite of that, they still command respect and should under no circumstances be underestimated.

Then we have Team Secret, one of the best teams in the world right now. They finished DPC Season 14 with a perfect score, so we’ll see if they’ll be able to hold on to that nr. 1 spot this time.

Alliance, Team Liquid, and Team Nigma are also here. It’s almost unbelievable to see so many high-quality Dota 2 teams competing in one place, but here they are. Tundra Esports is another team that came along from Season 14, having finished 6th but with fairly good results.


The last two teams that came from the Lower Bracket Season 14 are Hellbear Smashers and Brame. Props to these guys for making it all the way here, but we’d be lying if we said that they’ll have an easy time in this esports event.

Now that we’ve been introduced to the teams, it’s time to jump straight into our predictions and DreamLeague Season 15 betting tips.

Our Predictions

The usual esports tournaments we see nowadays have one or two clear favorites, so deciding on who to bet becomes much easier in such a case. However, here we have at least 5 powerhouses who are all capable of winning, and have a very rich and successful Dota 2 history behind them.

Not only that, but the other 3 teams are also capable of causing an upset, and they shouldn’t be discounted.

We’ll start with our favorites for DPC DreamLeague Season 15, and that’s Team Secret.

Team Secret

First of all, this crew finished Season 14 with a perfect 7-0 score, and that’s one hell of a score to have against teams like this. Of course, there’s a lot of factors going into this, and sometimes victories happen as a result of small mistakes made by the opponent, or through sheer luck. But, this is Team Secret we’re talking about, and they don’t rely on luck.

Although they won’t be able to repeat their perfect score, seeing how they’ve already lost one match against Team Nigma, they still have a great shot at climbing to the top once again.

Team Nigma

KuroKy’s squad had a solid start in Season 15. They took down Team Secret in their opening match, a clean 2-0 sweep. In their second match they failed to beat Team Liquid, but didn’t go down without a fight.

They’re playing against Alliance, who already have 2 wins secured. If Nigma wins here, they’ll rebalance the scores and climb higher on the ranking list. It’s gonna be a difficult matchup, but our vote here goes to Nigma.

After this, they have 2 easy matches against the Lower Bracket rookies, so if all goes well they should be able to take easy wins here.

Once the dust settles and the tournament concludes, we expect Nigma to place 2nd behind Secret, or perhaps even take the nr.1 spot. It depends on how Team Secret plays their cards.


Our final pick goes to Alliance. They are doing extremely well right now, and have already secured wins against OG and Team Liquid. That lifted a lot of weight off their shoulders, but they can’t relax just yet.

While they are sitting at the top with a 2-0 score, they still have to face Team Secret on April 28, and not to mention Nigma before that. Very hard matchups, but even if they were to lose, they still have a solid foundation to make it to the top 3 spots.

But, like we mentioned earlier, these are all top tier teams and nothing is set in stone. Alliance could very well win against both of these strong opponents, which would nearly guarantee a 1st spot with a 4-0 score. If we’re being honest here, they have a better shot against Nigma than Team Secret, so we expect them to gamble everything on that match.
If you’re looking for a slightly risky bet, go for Alliance in their match against Nigma.