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Dubai Series: BOOM Esports defeat Tundra Esports to win Gamers Galaxy

BOOM Esports defeated Tundra Esports on Sunday to win the grand final of the Dota 2 tournament “Gamers Galaxy: Invitational Series” in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The primarily Philippines-comprised squad won three of their best-of-five championship, earning them $109,013. Meanwhile, Tundra won $54,507 for second place.

The first game lasted for 33 minutes, in which Tundra came out victorious on red. BOOM, on red, then retaliated in Game 2, which lasted for 35 minutes. Tundra played on red again in the third game and won after 34 minutes. BOOM then triumphed in Game 4 on red, which lasted for 28 minutes, and in Game 5 on green, which dragged on by 47 minutes, earning them the champion title.

BOOM’s Erin “Yopaj” Jasper Ferrer recorded an 8.0-3.0-7.8 kills-deaths-assists ratio, while Souliya “JaCkky” Khoomphetsavong posted 5.4-3.4-6.2. The two players were the driving force of the team throughout the grand final, Meanwhile, leading Tundra was Leon “Nine” Kirilin of Germany with a 5.6-3.4-6.8 KDA average.

What precedes the grand final

On their way to the grand final, BOOM recorded a 2-1 triumph over Nigma Galaxy in the lower bracket final. PLaying on red, BOOM came out victorious after 38 minutes. They lost after playing on green for 49 minutes, then won again on red after 39 minutes. Recording a 10.7-3.7-18.0 KDA average in the victory was Yopaj.

**Gamers Galaxy: Invitational Series Dubai 2022 prize pool**

The aftermath of the tournament saw nine teams sharing a 1 million Emirati dirham prize pool, which equals $272,532. The money bagged home by each team is as follows:

1. $109,013 – BOOM Esports

2. $54,507 – Tundra Esports

3. $32,704 – Nigma Galaxy

4. $21,803 – Team Spirit

5-6. $13,627 – OG, Team Secret

7-8. $8,176 – Nigma Galaxy SEA, TSM

9. $5,451 – Fnatic

What was said

BOOM Esports, comprising players from the Philippines, namely Erin “ Yopaj” Jasper Ferrer, Timothy “Tims”  Randrup, and Rolen “skem” Andrei Gabriel Ong, Laotian Souliya “JaCkky” Khoomphetsavong, and Indonesian Saeiful “Fbz” Ilham, took to Twitter to express their happiness.

“WE DID IT. WE ARE YOUR GAMERS GALAXY: DOTA 2 INVITATIONAL SERIES DUBAI 2022 CHAMPIONS! 🏆” BOOM Esports wrote on their official Twitter account.

“A hard fought battle, competing against the world’s best teams – carrying the pride of SEA among our shoulders. We fell, we rise. But at the end, we prevailed! 🔥” they added.

BOOM finished their group stages undefeated. However, they were sent to the lower bracket after Tundra humiliated them in the playoffs. Happy with their revenge, Yopaj, whom Tundra’s Leon “Nine” Kirilin dubbed the best midlaner of the year, said after the game that there was still room for improvement.

“First of all, shoutout to BOOM’s fans and Rivalry. [I’m just] happy to learn and play [in this LAN tournament at Dubai. I’m really proud of our team,” the star midlaner said.

“We’re not really thinking about [being one of this year’s The International contenders to win it all]. We just want to learn, improve, and play our game.”