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Enigma Gaming beats Global Esports to win India qualifier 1

Enigma Gaming beats the defending winners Global Esports - Image via Enigma Gaming/ Instagram

Enigma Gaming’s lineup has grown stronger since they signed Karan “excali” Mahadeshwar and brought in Lukas “yb” Gröning from Germany. They just beat Global Esports, the defending champions of Valorant Conquerors Championship (VCC), and earned the first slot for the 2022 Grand Finale Playoffs.

Previously, Enigma Gaming defeated Velocity Gaming in the semi-finals of the India Qualifiers, and they have now won the VCC 2021 title after heavy roster changes.

Enigma becomes the first team to secure a place at the VCC 2022 Main Event after winning the India Qualifier 1. Global Esports will then face off against Velocity Gaming in the VCC Wildcard Qualifier to compete for the India Qualifier 2.

The game’s overview

The match-up between Global Esports and Enigma Gaming was held in a best-of-five format. It started off with Global Esports taking the win on the first map, Ascent, but Enigma Gaming came back and won three straight maps.

Global Esports started the match by winning three straight rounds in the first map, Ascent, and they eventually took the lead in the first half. They went on to win the first map with a 13-5 final score.

In the second map, Bind, Enigma Gaming dominated every round and left no room for Global Esports to come back from a 13-4 score.

Enigma Gaming took back control of the first half of the game and finished the third map, Haven, with a strong score. Enigma Gaming needed just one more win to secure its victory by the end of the third map.

Enigma Gaming did not disappoint in the fourth map, Icebox. They finished strong with a 10-12 score. Moreover, in the final round, Karan “Excali” Mhaswadkar had a 3-vs-1 clutch to secure the win.

With the score sitting at 3-1 in Enigma Gaming’s favor, the fifth map did not have to be played.

Enigma Gaming’s new coach, Lukas “yb” Gröning, and his partners have led the team to dominate the tournament. This made it hard for Global Esports, which was part of the Asia-Pacific region in the VCT 2021.

The win against a top-ranked team in India is very satisfying for Enigma Gaming. It’s also heartening to see the budding competitive scene in the country.

More VCC rounds to go

After the match-up, Enigma Gaming expressed its gratitude on Twitter and encouraged Global Esports for their upcoming games in the wild card round.

“We take down the defending champions 3-1. Ggwp to @globalesportsin. No doubt you will bounce back stronger,” the tweet read.

“It’s been an absolutely epic journey over the past week for us, this amazing performance is the result of the sheer hard work put in by all our boys and support staff and we couldn’t have done it without all our fans!” Enigma Gaming continued to thank the supporters.

The VCC APAC Challenger Playoffs will be held on February 18. The event will feature all the South Asian teams that have won their qualifiers.

The first leg of the playoffs will last until February 28. Afterward, the second leg of the event will then start in mid-March.