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Epic Games to bring Eminem to Fortnite, per leaks

Recent Fortnite leaks by popular data miner iFireMonkey have shown that Epic Games will collaborate with well-known rapper and Grammy winner Eminem soon. iFireMonkey posted the leaks on Twitter.

Eminem is the only big-name musician whose songs currently playing on the Fortnite Icon Radio station. The radio plays approximately 53 minutes of Eminem songs. The titles include Godzilla (ft. Juice WRLD), Headlights (ft. Nate Russ), Phenomenal, Higher, Not Afraid, Venom, Lighters (ft. Bruno Mars), Fall, Monster (ft. Rihanna), Walk on Water (ft. Beyoncé), Berzerk, and Survival.

Epic Games has yet to announce its plan to include Eminem in Fortnite. However, players are already on the lookout for an upcoming Eminem Fortnite Icon Series skin or a potential in-game digital concert.

Fortnite’s collaboration with celebrities

Throughout its history, Fortnite has released numerous celebrity skins, with the majority of them coming as a surprise to fans. However, many were also leaked beforehand by data miners such as HYPEX, iFireMonkey, and InTheShade.

Several musical artists have appeared in Fortnite, starting with Marshmello, who hinted at a new concert event following a Fortnite update last month. The collaboration was followed by the release of the Travis Scott Fortnite skin, one of the most controversial until now.

In-game concerts have also been success stories for Fortnite. Travis Scott’s April 2020 performance drew 27.7 million unique visitors and over 12 million concurrent viewers, while Marshmello’s February 2019 concert drew 10.7 million concurrent viewers.

Earlier this month, Epic Games announced that the 28-year-old Grammy-winning Ariana Grande had joined Fortnite’s Rift Tour series. Another musician rumored to be performing at the Fortnite stage is Billie Eilish.

Furthermore, Fortnite collaborated with the Coachella music festival. The partnership came just days after Sony and LEGO’s parent company KIRKBI invested $2 billion in Epic Games’ metaverse.

The items from the Coachella event were divided into two. It included the Wilder and Lyric outfits as well as matching accessories.

Wilder came with the Finfin Back Bling (a neon shark), a Neon Biter Pickaxe, and Finfin Flair Wrap. Lyric included the Saguaro Back Bling (a rainbow cactus). The Festival Shredder Pickaxe (a flaming guitar) came as a separate item from the sets.

Fortnite’s crossover collaborations

Fortnite has also hosted a number of Star Wars, Marvel, Rick and Morty, DC, Naruto, and League of Legends crossover events and cosmetics.

The latest collaboration with Dragon Ball has generated a lot of buzzes. The announcement became the most liked post ever on Fortnite’s Twitter.

According to a number of leaks, the collaboration will introduce new cosmetics, POIs, and Mythic items. The new cosmetics will include Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Bulma skins.

The Goku and Vegeta skin will grant distinct fighting styles based on their various Super Saiyan abilities, including Super Saiyan Blue and Goku’s Ultra Instinct.

Fortnite’s crossover with Naruto Shippuden featured Naruto himself and three other characters. Meanwhile, other recent additions, such as Marvel’s Moon Knight, only featured the titular character.

John Cena and Nathan Drake from the Uncharted film and games were also recently added, along with Dwayne Johnson, Bruno Mars, and Cobra Kai outfits.