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ESL collaborates with MassiveMusic, creates ‘sonic identity’

Leading professional esports organization ESL Gaming has announced a recent partnership with an international creative music agency MassiveMusic in creating “sonic identity”.

ESL claimed its sonic identity is the “industry-first” and there is no esports brand in the landscape to have launched theirs. This is the opportunity for the organization to introduce its sonic identity, “The Hero’s Journey”.

“That’s where we stepped in and created an accompanying brand new sonic identity for ESL Gaming, the world’s leading esports company and their ESL brand. Something that could be cohesive, flexible yet ownable. Oh and epic too,” MassiveMusic said about the partnership.

ESL Gaming chief commercial officer Rodrigo Samwell added the partnership will build significant brand value for ESL and is thankful for the partnership.

“This will build significant brand value creating a common thread across all our content. This is another testament to our leadership position in esports and we are very thankful for the passionate collaboration we had with MassiveMusic in delivering this iconic piece that is an homage to every player’s journey,” Samwell added.

ESL’s sonic identity

ESL explained further the genre for its sonic identity sits between electronic and orchestral, which are very common in the gaming industry used among esports brands.

In addition, the sonic identity created by the two parties consisted of a two-minute duration brand anthem, a three-second sonic logo and a one-second sound stamp. ESL added that these are part of the ESL sonic identity suite of assets.

“ESL’s new sonic brand sits between the electronic and orchestral, breaking away from the generic rock or electronic genres which are usually used by esports brands,” ESL explained.

“We created a 2 minute-long brand anthem, a short form 3 second sonic logo, and a 1 second sound stamp as part of the ESL sonic identity suite of assets.”

Samwell also added the organization is excited with its new sonic identity and is keen to introduce its “award-winning visual identity”. The purpose of this is to create “a world where everybody can be somebody through esports”.

“We are very excited to have introduced the ESL´s sonic brand identity to our fans. Over the last years, we told the world that our purpose is to create a world where everybody can be somebody through esports. We showed what we look like with our award-winning visual identity and now we are showing how we sound”, Samwell said.

More about The Hero’s Journey

ESL’s anthem draws huge influence from players’ progression in video games, namely starting with low-level on early stage all the way to the very top. The Hero’s Journey features different sonic qualities with different “tiers” or “classification”, such as The Lobby (building, engaging, excitement), The Grind (action, drive, rhythmic), The Battle (passion, endurance, striving) and The Victory (celebratory, epic, rousing).

ESL also explained the organization’s anthem adapts to different moods and styles to suit ESL’s with different events in various touchpoints.

“The ESL master brand anthem has several adaptations to suit different moods, genres, and styles to fit with ESL’s varied events, content, and can be used by ESL across their various touchpoints,” ESL said.

ESL’s sonic identity has been showcased first during the 10th anniversary of IEM Katowice 2022 – ESL Pro Tour and will be showing more in different formats in the future.