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Fnatic, Dexerto collaborate on feature-length VALORANT documentary

Dexerto and Fnatic recently released a feature-length VALORANT documentary titled “Take Your Shot”, produced by Earthling Films. Producer Matt Diegan, director Ross Bolidai, as well as executive producers Jack Simcock, and Rob Langford, produced the documentary to show the story of Fnatic’s VALORANT success.

This feature-length documentary gives rare insight into the inner workings of Fnatic as they take their first steps into the most exciting and pivotal game of the decade. The team is arguably one of the best esports organizations, with a legacy that will last a lifetime. The documentary shows the story of Fnatic’s struggles in the pursuit of their first VALORANT title.

Putting their faith in an amateur squad of underdogs, Fnatic made a bold move in the inaugural world championship. Jake “Boaster” Howlett led the team, comprising players who had never experienced competition outside of their bedrooms.

As shared by ValorINTEL on Twitter, they “‘were just a bunch of kids… underdogs against every team’. The relentless pressure of becoming @FNATIC. Full #VALORANT documentary, live now: https://youtu.be/WCUNm4RHbpI”.

It’s safe to say that, unlike other leading organizations that jumped into the scene fairly soon, Fnatic took a while to get into the world of VALORANT. The SUMN FC roster, comprising Boaster, Doma, Mistic, Moe40, and Tsack, were signed at the beginning of 2021 after an outstanding 2nd-place finish in the VALORANT First Strike tournament.

The roster, however, struggled under the new Fnatic name and the mounting pressure. The roster did not even make it to Stage 1 Masters in 2021.

During the inaugural season of the VALORANT Champions Tour, the risk paid off when Fnatic surpassed expectations by finishing at the Stage 2 Masters, Reykjavik

A closer look into Fnatic’s journey

Published on the Dexerto Originals YouTube channel, the documentary uncovers a closer look at the team’s ups and downs in professional esports. It also peaks into the journey of a young team as they attempt to be recognized as world champions.

A rare inside look into the lives of Fnatic allows viewers to learn about the esports’ favorite underdogs up-close. Fans can also observe Fnatic’s industry-leading training and development as the players practice for the first-ever VALORANT world championship.

The documentary takes fans to Fnatic’s highs, lows, wins, and losses. It also presents a glimpse into the lives of young players, pushed into the spotlight under immense pressure to succeed.

“All I’ve wanted to do, for ten years now, was to go pro. Fnatic signed me, and all of those memories and feelings flashed back. I was just overwhelmed with emotions, I wasn’t crying or anything, I was just speechless… Having all of that is very satisfying,” Boaster said after signing for Fnatic. “However, the expectation difference of being in SUMN and Fnatic was completely different for us boys.”

Co-Founder and Dexerto Content Director, Mike Kent, added, “this feature-length documentary has been in the pipeline for a while, and in collaboration with Fnatic and Earthling Films, we’ve captured the essence of the trials and tribulations faced in esports today. The fly-on-the-wall experience brings fans that bit closer, and goes hand-in-hand with our objective on Dexerto Originals to combine intimate storytelling with high production value, in a way that speaks to our ever-growing audience”.