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Fortnite announces new collab with Air Jordan, showcases Jumpman Zone

Fortnite with Nike's Air Jordan, Video Screenshot - Youtube

Fortnite officially confirmed their new collaboration with Nike’s Air Jordan following leaks by dataminers in the previous day. One of the most iconic logos in the world, as well as sneaker brand, were created in honor of and named after Hall of Fame basketball legend Michael Jordan. In addition to new cosmetic items, the collab also introduces a limited-time new location: the Jumpman Zone.

The Jumpman Zone has been made available for players since December 1 at 7:00 p.m. EDT/4:00 p.m. PDT. Players compete in a scavenger hunt for the Air Jordan XI “Cool Grey” sneakers, set to be released later this month, in the new map. Players who manage to complete the mission will then be presented with different new areas, including a museum, a video room, and an actually playable basketball court.

“Enter the Jumpman Zone! To celebrate the continuation of the collaboration between Fortnite and Jordan Brand, one of Jordan’s most iconic sneakers is taking the stage in Fortnite: the Air Jordan XI Cool Grey,” the Fortnite team wrote on their website.

The new gears

The new set of cosmetic outfits and accessories were designed around the Cool Grey sneakers. They have been made available for purchase via Fortnite’s Item Shop. The complete list of cosmetics that have been made available for the collaborative event is as follows:

– Hangtime Outfit – Stay Fly.

Also with the Playmaker (Blue) and MVP (Silver) Styles are unlockable in the Jumpman Zone.

– Swish Outfit – So Smooth With It.

Also with the Crossover (Dark) and Downtown (Silver) Styles are unlockable in the Jumpman Zone.

– Cool Grey Back Back Bling – A retro classic.

– Dunk on ‘Em Emote – Make Jordan proud.

The Hangtime Outfit, Swish Outfit, and Cool Grey Back Bling can also be purchased through the Cool Grey Bundle. Moreover, the skins and a spray can be unlocked by completing challenges.

The Playmaker (Blue) Style of the Hangtime Outfit and the Crossover (Dark) Style of the Swish Outfit can be unlocked by completing six Trickshot Challenges, the MVP (Silver) Style of the Hangtime Outfit and the Downtown (Silver) Style of the Swish Outfit can be unlocked by completing 10 Trickshot Challenges, the Deep In the Paint Spray and the exclusive Hall of Fame room for 12 Trickshot Challenges.

The Jumpman Zone

The Jumpman Zone is where players compete to find the Cool Grey sneakers and complete Trickshot Challenges. To access the map, players need to enter the code 5519-3138-2454 into the Creative Hub.

The challenges will only appear inside the map. The Jumpman Zone was designed by Enigma and Dummblond from Paradox Buildcreators. There are six portals on the map that will take you to the task to find the sneakers. after completing the hunt, the MVP rooms will be unlocked.

In the museum, players hang out with others to explore the memory lane while the video room is just an ad space for Nike to showcase the Air Jordan XI Cool Grey. The basketball court, however, is the real deal as this is where players complete the Trickshot Challenges with their squads.

The Jumpman Zone is scheduled to remain in Fortnite until December 11.