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Fortnite celebrates Halloween with Fortnitemares 2022

The Fortnitemares 2022, a two-week Halloween event, has finally arrived. It has Halloween-themed new weapons, enemies, locations, and NPCs incorporated into the map. Fortnite fans can earn special rewards by completing time-limited quests.

The Fortnitemares 2022 will be available from October 18 to November 1. After that, all Fortnitemares content will be removed, meaning that players who haven’t earned the event’s special rewards will have missed out.

Fortnitemares rewards

The event starts with just two quests, but as the event progresses, two more are added every day. After completing all 28 quests, Fortnitemares 2022 players will be able to obtain the Halloween-themed Chrome Punk skin, which is a variation of the pumpkin-headed Punk skin that is currently available in the item store.

According to reputable leaker iFiremonkey, the challenges are divided into three categories. When players reach level 10, they will receive a Chromeseed Backbling. Players who reach level 25 will receive a Graveyard rave loading skin screen, and those who reach level 50 will receive a free Chrome punk skin.

How to complete Fortnitemares quests

At the time of writing, not all of the 28 Fortnitemares quests are active and live. However, trustworthy leakers who have cracked the game’s code have informed players of what to expect.

Players can start the quest by dancing on an Alteration Altar to obtain the Howler Claws. Then in the second quest, players will have to hit an opponent while Wolfscent is active. The third quest requires players to assist in the defeat of the Inkquisitor at Grim Gables. Players should search chests at Grim Gables, the Reality Tree and the Knowby Cabin for the fourth quest.

Players are required to dance with the Chrome Punk to complete the fifth quest. Players should obtain the Zero Point Pretzel effect on the sixth quest by digging up and collecting Terrifying Tablature in a single match.

The eighth quest requires players to hunt zombies or zombie chickens, while the ninth quest has them purchase a shotgun from Ash Williams. For the tenth quest, players must deal shotgun damage at the Knowby Cabin, Willow’s Haunt or Grim Gables.

To obtain a treat (or a trick!) for the eleventh quest, players have to ring a doorbell until it breaks. Players must destroy haunted furniture to complete the twelfth quest. The thirteenth quest requires players to purchase items from the Curdle Scream Leader.

The fourteenth quest requires players to use a Pumpkin Launcher to destroy objects. For the fifteenth quest, players need to defeat Willow at Willow’s Haunt.

The sixteenth quest requires players to throw candy from a vehicle. The seventh quest has players reading epitaphs at various amusing gravestones. The eighteenth quest forces players to use a ranged weapon to destroy jack-o’-lanterns.

Players have to gain a speed boost in the nineteenth quest by eating Pepper Mint candy. They are required to throw a Pizza Party at Grim Gables and the Knowby Cabin in the twentieth quest.

To complete the 21st quest, players must honk a vehicle’s horn at Grim Gables and the Knowby Cabin. The 22nd quest requires players to dance around a lit campfire at night. To complete the 23rd quest, players may dance while Chromed at Grim Gables, the Knowby Cabin, or Willow’s Haunt.

The 24th quest can be passed by dancing for 3 seconds within 20 meters of an enemy player. In the 25th quest, players have to dance with Characters for 10 seconds. Talking to a Character will pass the 26th quest, and players will obtain a Prop Disguise.

The 27th quest requires players to jump using the Hop Drop low gravity effect, and the final quest orders players to fly with a zombie chicken.