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Fortnite to host live streaming Rocket League esports competition


After many collaborations with some of the best individuals and industry hit titles, Epic Games is getting more creative than ever by introducing its newest innovation to the 2017 battle royal title Fortnite, which is now hosting in-game watch parties of Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Winter Major. Epic has announced the live event on March 23 through Fortnite Creative.

Epic’s announcement shocked fans of both franchises, but with what seems like an infinite and endless idea of collaboration Epic currently has, the developer is no stranger to such public attraction as well as working with organizations and brands for collaboration. This time around, fans can tune in to Fortnite to watch RLCS live from March 23 to 27 alongside mini-games, and others players can enjoy.

RLCS in Fortnite, partnership, more

Fortnite’s in-game creative mode has been used by Epic in any way possible since it offers a great amount of freedom for inventing new maps and game modes. The developer uses this mode previously the past to host collaborations alongside brand-new features.

Fortnite recently announced both Fortnite Creative map designers 404FNC and builder FiveWalnut has collaborated to set forward the Championship Field, where players will be able to watch RLCS.

RLCS this year is set to take place in Los Angeles and the organizers decided to make the championship series the first LAN event which also will feature a live crowd. This decision is a follow up to previous events conducted online due to the pandemic.

Going on from that in a follow-up tweet, Fortnite also mentioned watching the series live is not the only thing players can do. There will be mini-games in the arena. Players will be able to unlock new abilities and items by filling up the “Boost Meter” as the RLCS progresses.

Moreover, Fortnite Creative added the mini-games during the RLCS live showing is only the beginning, perhaps hinting forward that the developer is keen on integrating Fortnite with any other major esports competitions. If it were to be true then Epic is pushing what is possible within the video game collaboration scenes.

“This is only the beginning. Stay tuned to experience more epic esports moments with your friends as Rocket League Live evolves throughout the #RLCS season,” Fortnite Creative’s tweet reads.

Previous events, collaboration

As mentioned previously, Epic had hosted and partnered up with some of the big industry names. Undoubtedly, this is Fortnite’s way of attracting more players through live events and concerts.

Some of the notable collaborations are with Marvel which is, in fact, a regular collaborator in Fortnite, adding superheroes from the Avengers lineups and even Thanos. In addition, Fortnite also has collaborated with DC to add Batman to the game.

Rapper Travis Scott also made an appearance in Fortnite as the game hosted his virtual concert performing Scott’s hit single “SICKO MODE”. Other than the rapper were pop star Ariana Grande and singer J Balvin.

By hosting RLCS, Epic is heading towards the professional esports scene, and seeing how active the developer is with collaborations, fans might be able to participate in other watch parties in the future.