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Fortnite to team up again with Marvel for new ‘Zero War’ crossover comic

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Fortnite and Marvel have announced their collaboration following their first crossover in 2020 and this time it will come with a whole different formula. The return of Fortnite to Marvel’s sphere, scheduled in June this year, will be entitled ‘Zero War’, where it will begin in the comic books before arriving in the battle royale game.

According to Marvel, as a second collaboration, ‘Zero War’ will correlate in five comics issues that are set to release in June. Writer Christos Gage will be in charge, with a story from Epic’s Donald Mustard, just as it was with DC’s Zero Point crossover and Captain Marvel’s Sergio Davila is handling the art, as per Gizmodo.

Moreover, the collaboration output will also include some other features which will be released after the issues are finished, such as a code for Fortnite users unlocking new skins.

The comic would present a story wherein some of Fortnite’s characters team up with Spider-Man, Wolverine, Shuri, and Iron Man (Tony Stark) as they travel to the Marvel world. There, the team embarks on a mission to track down “Zero Shard” that came from an unknown world and threatened the planet.

Zero Shard

As quoted by Tech Time, the existence of ‘Zero Shard’ means that the story might be something close to DC’s “Zero Point” crossover, which previously featured Batman. Except, it would not have a magical shard for the quest, and is different in codes for the corresponding skins or items in the game.

“The crossover is a treasure hunt into the deepest, darkest depths of the Marvel Universe…This is going to be the ultimate team-up, where the best of both Fortnite and Marvel are represented,” said Marvel Comics editor Alana Smith on Marvel’s website.

In addition, Smith said that the “Zero War” will go on a different kind of treasure hunt that will give the characters of “Fortnite” and Marvel a new look, which will arrive in the battle royale platform a week after the June release of its issues are complete.

Another massive crossover

The “Zero War” will be the second installment in the crossover edition of Fortnite and Marvel. The two companies have not had any massive release since their major first one in 2020. Thereafter, the collaboration has been only in releasing random skins of different characters from the comic books.

For the record, The Fortnite Marvel Nexus War events brought in the top characters from the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and The Avengers to the popular FPS game. The conclusion of the Nexus War itself was more on the “Boogie Before Oblivion”. At the time, players can see the head of Galactus on the surface of the ocean and seemed to be inactive there until the game changed themes.

No other crossovers happened in the battle royale since that last event, despite a lot of fans still expecting to see the Galactus arc happen in the game.

Despite many enjoying the characters and skins rotation in the game, Marvel x Fortnite: Zero War crossover, will begin its five-issue run this June. is predicted to be an event in Fortnite that will bring new hope for Marvel fans in the game.