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Fortnite x Dragon Ball: Skins, weapons, quests, more

The Fortnite Dragon Ball crossover has officially arrived. The crossover includes four playable Dragon Ball characters, new Dragon Ball-themed skins, emotes, and other items in the shop. Players can also watch Dragon Ball Super episodes in dedicated areas, visit new locations, and complete time-limited quests.

Son Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus all have their own skins, with different Super Saiyan styles available for Goku and Vegeta. The character skins will be available in two bundles, with a third gear bundle available separately, including Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun) glider, Space Pod glider, Fusion! Hah!! emote, Kamesennin’s Staff pickaxe, and Kamesennin’s Shell back bling.

Completing Dragon Ball event quests will earn players Dragon Balls, which can be used to purchase in-game items like emotes, back blings, and pickaxes. Vending machines for Dragon Balls can be found at Rave Cave, west of Coney Crossroads, and within Rocky Reels.

If all Dragon Balls are collected, players will receive a Shenron glider. Players have until August 30 to finish all event quests and receive rewards.

The menu’s Power Unleashed tab allows players to see their progress, rewards, and quest progress. Players can also now pull off the legendary Kamehameha beam. There will also be a special cruise ship creative map where players can watch entire episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

Starting on August 19, the event will allow players to travel to Dragon Ball Adventure Island to complete even more new challenges. Versus boards will replace bounty boards, and players can compete against each other in the Tenkaichi Budokai battle arena. There, players will be able to fly through a ring course on a Nimbus Cloud at Kami’s Palace, prepare food at Goku’s House, and run an obstacle course in the Room of Spirit & Time.

Except for Competitive matches and the time-limited Tournament of Power, players can obtain the Kamehameha from Capsule Corp deliveries and unleash a devastating beam of energy on an opponent in all modes. Players can also visit Bulma at Kame House, which offers some new powerful items.

Dragon Ball Fortnite challenges

There will be seven waves of challenges, with the first two being available right away. Each wave has multiple quests. Players are required to complete the majority of the quests, but not all of them, to obtain a Dragon Ball. Players can summon Shenron or a free glider that looks like them after collecting seven Dragon Balls. Most players will not be able to obtain the glider on launch day, as future challenges will have to be unlocked.

To complete the challenges, beginning with the Warmup quests, players will see Capsule Corp capsules drop into the map in the same way that Supply Drops do. It is here that players will obtain the Dragon Ball weapon, the Kamehameha, and the Nimbus Cloud.

In addition to unlocking the Shenron glider for collecting all seven dragon balls, the Power Unleashed rewards track allows players to claim seven more free cosmetics and some battle pass levels. Players can obtain the following items by completing challenges:

– Five battle pass levels;

– Smiling Goku emoticon;

– Fusion! spray;

– Dragon Radar back bling;

– Bulma’s Wink emoticon;

– Boosting Ki emote;

– Super Saiyan Blue Goku spray; and

– Charging Up emote