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FURIA Esports wins Gamers8 Rocket League

The 2022 Gamers8 Rocket League championship concluded with Brazil-based FURIA Esports triumphing over Guild Esports in a best-of-seven final on Sunday, July 17. The London-based team conceded to FURIA 4-0.

Leading to the grand finals, FURIA dominated the group stage by winning over fellow Group C contenders like FaZe Clan, OWL Esports, F16 Esports and SMPR Esports. The team went into the playoffs without sustaining any defeats.

FURIA wins Gamers8 2022 Rocket League

Winning the Gamers8 this year was smooth sailing for FURIA. Following their stellar play in the group stage, the team was seeded to the quarterfinals to play the North American powerhouse Complexity Gaming.

Fellow Group C, FaZe, also joined FURIA alongside six other teams. However, both FURIA and FaZe were qualified into two different brackets. FURIA was scheduled to play Team Falcons in the semi-finals, and FaZe had to take on Guild.

FURIA ended up as the victor in the semi-finals, but the win was too close to comfort as Falcons won all of the first three games. The Brazilian team bounced back with 2-0 on Utopia Coliseum (Dusk) all the way to the game overtime on Champions Field. FURIA won the matchup 4-3.

Meanwhile, FaZe had difficulties winning any games as Guild annihilated the team. In Game 2, FaZe was given the opportunity to pick the match format, in which the team decided to go with a 2v2 game on Aquadome. However, to no avail, Guild won the remaining games and eliminated FaZe from the playoffs with a 4-0 win.

In the grand finale of the tournament, FURIA and Guild began with a 3v3 on Mannfield (Night). In Game 1, FURIA won 3-2, and the following game was a 2v2 by Guild on Aquadome. Guild’s defeat appeared to be closely approaching since they failed to post any points. The decider game was played as a 1v1 between Guild’s Cristian “crr” Fernandez against Yan “yanxnz” Xisto Nolasco. Eventually, the burden was too heavy for crr to carry, and Guild conceded to FURIA with a humiliating 4-0 defeat.

FURIA’s lineup comprises Caio “CaioTG1” Vinicius, Gabriel “Caard” Vieira Cardoso and yanxnz — all have been playing for the team since 2021. Meanwhile, Guild’s lineup featured two new players, namely crr and Ivan “D O R I T O # @” Ruiz Jiménez, which were only signed earlier this year, as well as David “Deevo” Morrow.

Both crr and D O R I T O # @ were brought in as replacements for Dan “bluey.” Bluett and Joseph “noly” Kidd. The former parted ways with the team in January and the latter followed suit in April to play for French esports organization Karmine Corps.

Guild’s front office was reportedly looking for new faces after disappointing results in some of the tournaments earlier this year. However, it’s too early to tell whether the team’s defeat this time around was due to the new players not fitting in.

After the conclusion of Gamers8, Rocket League enthusiasts are now looking forward to the World Champions scheduled to begin on August 4 at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, United States.