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G2 Esports announces new all-women LoL roster G2 Hel

Berlin-based esports organization G2 Esports announced Thursday its second all-female roster, G2 Hel. The new squad will compete in the League of Legends circuit, serving as the second team for the organization in the tournament.

Before being acquired by G2, Hel’s initial name was Burger Flippers. A handful of its roster members graduated from SK Gaming’s Avarosa program, an initiative intended to support women and non-binary individuals with their professional gaming careers in LoL.

Via a release, G2 confirmed the formation of Hel was part of its efforts to provide gamers, regardless of their genders, a chance to “compete at the highest levels.”

“The formation of G2 Hel is part of our continued efforts at G2 to provide top gamers with the opportunity to compete at the highest levels, irrespective of their gender, and to support them as they grow as players and as entertainers,” the organization wrote.

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Before Hel, the organization had witnessed great success in their all-female VALORANT roster, G2 Gozen. The new team comprises top-laner Olivia “Lizia” Calistua, jungler Agnė “Karina” Ivaškevičiūtė, mid-laner Alena “TIFA” Maurer, AD Carry Maya “Caltys” Henckel, and support Ève “Colomblbl” Monvoisin.

G2 recently made its name known in the international LoL circuit after representing Europe in the GirlGamer World Championships. The team won the European qualifier after defeating Grow uP Stars 3-1 in Oradea, Romania.

“Since I started my esports journey I’ve only had two goals in mind: to be the best and play with the best,” Caltys said.

“I still have a long way to go, but joining G2 is a big step in the right direction. It’s very exciting to be a part of, literally, the best esports organization in Europe and I couldn’t imagine better teammates to start this next chapter with.”

G2 explained that Hel was named after a powerful goddess with the same name. Hel is the daughter of Loki, the god of mischief in Nordic mythology. Meanwhile, Gozen was named after Tomoe Gozen, a female warrior in pre-modern Japan. Her story is one of the country’s most celebrated chronicles.

Now that G2 has two teams for the LoL division, the organization seems more optimistic about competing in international circuits, especially in winning LoL’s most prestigious annual tournament Worlds.

G2 participated in the 2020 Worlds, wrapping the competition in third place after a 3-1 defeat to South Korea’s DWG KIA in the semifinals.

“At G2, we build teams and bring in top players based on skill, talent, and brand fit – regardless of gender or orientation. We want to give all players the chance to fulfill their potential and realize their dreams,” G2 founder and CEO Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez said.

“G2 Hel includes some of the best female players in the world and we’re delighted to have them on board. As is the case with all of our teams, they’ll have our full support and we’re excited for them to help us fill our cabinet with more League of Legends trophies, in fact, they already won a trophy before they were even announced!”